What if your computer run into black screen or blue screen?

When I was using Yahoo Answer to look for some solutions to my problem, I found there are many people search about computer black screen of death and blue screen of death issues like "What causes Black Screen Errors","How to manually fix Black screen Errors" or "How to easily fix Blue Screen Errors",etc. As I have an experience of suffering from computer black screen and solve the problem finally after had tried many methods. If the problem occurs to you now, I think my experience is available to you.
What cause black screen error and blue screen error? Those are uncertain issues,as they may be caused by hard drive corruption,registry damage,a corrupted program or even virus.Of course different fators consist of the problem is possible,too. But we can distinguish the causes according to the screen shows or by examine the computer. The typical problem is how can we fix black screen on startup or blue screen on boot. As a matter of fact,we are able to deal with them easily by just three steps. That is what I want to share with you.

Step 1. Create a bootable CD/USB
You can download a software which can be used to burn a bootable CD/USB from the internet. I'd like to recommend Windows Boot Genius, a very excellent and multifuntional tool. Install the software then insert your CD or USB into the computer. Choose the alternative CD/DVD or USB Flash drive and click "burn" botton to beginl. A bootable CD/USB will be finished whin minutes.

Step 2.Boot your computer from CD/USB
Press F2 or Delete to enter the BIOS during computer's startup. Then choose CDROM of USB Drive as the first option of Boot Device Priority under the menu of BOOT. Press F10 to save your change and exit.

Step3.Easily fix black screen of death and computer blue screen with powerful tool.
Insert the CD/USB into the computer we created and restart the. Then we will enter into a WinPE system, there we can see a "Fix Genius" icon on the desktop. Double click it and the software will run like the follow picture. Config the options according to your problem and run the program after that. The process would last several minustes before everything is done.

This is not the only way to fix Computer black screen and blue screen error. We can also find many solutions on the Internet or through other approaches. But from my point of view, what I share above is the best way for us to fix screen error. It is such convenient that no more other means can be better than it. We can easily remove the problem of windows 7 blue screen and windows 7 black screen . If you have a better way to fix black screen and BSoD,please don't forget to let me know. I hope my experience is helpful for you.