What is linsys and where do I find it?

I've been using the Builder Wizard on my Mandriva 2010 system and love it. However, after every update, I always get the following message about a particular module of MLT being disabled:

linsys: this is an optional module that provides ... dunno ... . To enable it, try installing a package called something like ... dunno ....

I'm not sure what linsys does and I can't find a package called "dunno" to install.
I would like to install all of the modules of MLT but I can't find linsys in my repositories. Perhaps it goes by another name? What is linsys and where can I find it?


Linsys makes SDI and ASI cards, and MLT supports them with a module that is disabled by default because you need their SDK, which most people and their distros do not have. So you can just ignore these messages. People building manually from source or source packages do not see a message to this effect. It seems the wizard is going out of its way to let you know.


Thanks, I was hoping it was something like that.