What source files accepted? KDE4 required?

OK, brand new here, but a Linux / KDE user for about 6 years.

My daughter wants to edit video taken from her Sony Cybershot 210 snapshot camera. It saves video in .wmv format (yeah, I know). Will Kdenlive work with it as source input directly? She has other video clips in .avi format. Will Kdenlive accept them as source input directly?

Finally, do I require KDE4 for the current version? I've been putting off an upgrade because I find KDE4 not yet feature compatible with KDE 3.5. I'm currently using Kubuntu 8.04, but I'll upgrade if required.




Kdenlive relies on FFmpeg for the video, so if you can play your clips with the "ffplay" program that is part of FFmpeg, then it should be ok for Kdenlive.

KDE4 is a requirement for Kdenlive. If you are under Kubuntu, I recommend that you upgrade to the latest stable release (9.04) which has rather good KDE 4.3 packages.



Thanks. Looks like an upgrade is in order. I was hoping to hold out for the next LTS version...