When will the latest package for fedora be available?

I'm currently using Fedora 12, but will be upgrading to 14 early next week. With that in mind, when will the 7.8 version ofkdenlive package be available for Fedora 14?

afaik you should ask the distro packagers and not the kdenlive developers, right? i dont know how it works with fedora since i use archlinux, but normally we just send a notice to the packager that it is out of date in case he/she forgets to upgrade.

Thanks farid. Do you know where I find the contact information on the packagers?


I suggest Fedora users try to use the build script. I will post the latest version in the Installing from Source forum later today and try to pin it.

Having tried to compile Kdenlive from source, it seems the Fedora 14 repo is stuck at MLT 0.5.4-1 (and even that is in the testing repo), since Kdenlive 7.8 needs MLT 0.5.10, I would assume they are waiting on that, or at least I am.

This is quite old. Why not building MLT yourself as well? It isn't that difficult; I managed to do it as well ;)

I'll probably be trying that soon. I've been hoping that the Fedora 14 repo would be updated to MLT 0.5.10 since the Fedora 13 repo has had that version for awhile. I'm also a little afraid of what MLT dependencies may also be out of date.