where is 'audio alignment' found?

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how to align two tracks based on audio. Every announcement regarding Kdenlive 0.9 says that this feature exists. However, where is it? How can I align two tracks based on their audio??

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tarek : )

hi, i would like to know this too please, and also some more about the feature and how it can be used

As a follow-up, I believe I have found how to do this.

1) Select the clip that you would like to align *to*.
2) right click. select "Set Audio reference"
3) Select all clips you would like aligned
4) Select "Align audio to reference"

I have lots of crashing with my very large files, but it does work!

tarek : )

More on the feature:

This feature's purpose is to help you line up multiple "angles" / tracks / cams that are recording the same event. In my use case, I have two cameras (audio + video) and one stereo audio recording. The audio track is the reference, and I eventually mute all video tracks.

Previously, this was a time consuming manual process. Now, with audio alignment, I throw Camera A into one video track, Camera B into another video track, and my audio into the Audio track. I then set the audio track as reference, select all of the video tracks and the reference audio track, and then align the audio to reference as above.

It's a very specific use case, but much appreciated.

tarek : )