why file is "OGG" for video theora?


i'm love kdenlive but i'm interessent... why file of video is OGG (theora) but file OGG is for AUDIO.. for video to be OGV not OGG??

because other software video cant read file OGG because it's for audio,, so i convert from OGG to OGV it's can read...
but i wanted to know why render of kdenlive write "OGG" is file of theora...?

maybe its a bug or error human?


I don't know the answer to your question (sorry) but I would like to know how you convert from OGG to OGV. Thanks either way for your help!

see my screenshot (default kdenlive)

OGG is the standard container file type:

OGV came later. OGG is preferable in case the file only contains audio,etc, and for programs that use the older standard.

Well, you correctly explained that it was chosen for historical reasons. But, actually, that wikipedia topic explains .ogv is the not-so-new standard and cites RFCs and Xiph specifications. I will change it in Subversion now to use ogv.

hi, for anyone who stumbles across this page, just to reiterate that ogg and ogv are containers (like the type of box) and theora/flac etc are the codecs, like the method of putting stuff in the box.

In rendering these are all mixed and matched depending on what you want to achieve - however most people I know seem to find a combo/pre-made profile that works for them and stick with it: I don't know many people who understand it well, so don't worry if you are confused... it IS actually a confusing area : )