Why No Response?

We posted two items on Feb 1st and Jan 31st which had no response at all. I would very much like to know why that is because it saves me time and saves you all time. First I will deal with the promotion of kdenlive. We have a launch of our work which will be announced in the British House of Commons, Grand Committee Chamber, by Sir John Waite of the Independent Asylum Commission* followed by a national media campaign to run up until the next government elections are called. Let's be clear, the launch is not of our work but of the work of the IAC* which we are putting on line in total, 7 public hearings, 60 hours of testimony and performance arts. All media will be referred to our site for the resource. This we will use as an opportunity to promote big time ...open source....linux and all things "free" (but not free beers!!) to the Human Rights global community. I think we should put kden in the frame so others can see the potential. At this point no response, would love to know why and honesty is always welcome. Point two, the question of custom resolutions. maybe I am missing something here, maybe I am being a thick headed idiot, but I would love someone to point it out to me if it is so. My point, as a developer of web tv rather than someone trying to squeeze tv onto the web, is that our ability to be creative with resolutions is a vastly overlooked skill/tool at our disposal. We started looking at web tv in 2000 and have been doing a lot of R&D as we worked from microsoft captivity towards open source freedoms. I have had old tossers from BBC departments that should have been closed down years ago saying "1024 x 720 resolution... nobody uses that format you must be mad". We cannot be limited by trying to recreate TV on our canvass, we are not a square box into which we fit a picture, we are a space in which our creativity plays. so I say again, and provide some examples of what I am talking about (all our own R&D work and none of it real businesses), can I customise my project resolutions or am I stuck with factory presets? http://www.takethepebble.co.uk/runningdead http://www.livepitch.co.uk We have a load more but these two should illustrate that we are not thinking in the box!