Wich format Do I have to choose to export?


it's my first time using kdenlive.
I have to import all (about 20) miniDVD that contain my child "adventures" (from 0 to 5 years :-) )
because 20 miniDVD it's too much.

So I have to import it and then convert it on a unique DVD file that I have to master.

Wich format Do I have to use to do that?

I started trying to importing and exported a minidvd. But from from yesterday it is still to exporting.

what I made wrong?

Do someone show me some guide that I can use?



I assume you are located in Europe, so your miniDVD will be in PAL. Your workflow is correct, you import your files into your project (usually called clips then), edit the clips in the clip monitor and add the edited clip to the timeline. Then you master (let's say render) the timeline into one single new movie file.

Create a new Project and choose DVD PAL (with the correct aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9). Add your miniDVDs to the project. Click on a clip and edit it, drag it from the clip editor to the timeline. At the end click on Render and choose DVD PAL interlaced as output format. Create a DVD (with Kdenlive or any other DVD authoring tool) with the resulting VOB file and you are done.

You can also render your edited material into any other format, for example mpeg4 if your television supports media files from USB. In this case you may want to deinterlace your movie and you can do it by choosing progressive in the render dialog.

Yes, I write from Italy,
I'm wondering how long the render phase is. Because, yesterday I made this (but maybe, or quite sure)I set the wrong output format, and it last about 24 hour for 25 min of video. Could it be correct?

I don't have an excellent workstation (acer travelmate pc), but I think this could not be the reason of this long long time...

Later I will retry with your sudgestion.

Thank you