.wmv format?

Hey I'm new to this forum and to Kdenlive.

I've liked just about everything about this program so far though, it is by far superior to other counterparts found on Linux. And it emulates Movie Maker on XP quite well.

Pretty much the only movie files I ever needed to make were song movies for Youtube.

That is a picture of album art and a song in the background.

As shown here:


However something that does bother me in Kdenlive is the fact that I'm restricted to the AVI format in rendering the file. It leaves the WMV format and well...most formats in gray, leaving me unable to select them for unknown reasons. This obviously bothers me because the AVI files render to around 600 - 800 megabytes....on a 3 minute song.


WMV files render to 8 - 15 mbs on the same length songs...it is MUCH easier to publish in WMV rather than AVI for me, esepcially for the type of files I'm uploading on Youtube.

Any ideas why I can't render to WMV?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Jebril

what formate is your project in when you start?
what os are you on?
and are you actually publishing to youtube? cause if you are use mov with h264 as you quality will be better and file smaller. to ratio than wmv ... well h264 in general not just mov :)