Won 2nd place at work film contest!

I work at a movie theater in Riverside, California. Every year we have a mini film contest where we are givin a subject and this year it was a parody sequel of a 2012 film. We had about 2 weeks to shoot and edit. I acted as the Director and Editor. It was awesome to see my work on the big screen. Kdenlive came through. I worked with two different cameras and when we had a battery die I ended up getting footage on a friend iPhone. Everything merged together perfectly.

We won 2nd place ($150 USD prize) and I won best director.

Thank you development team for making such an awesome, full featured, and professional editor.

Nice one. I enjoyed that. :-D

Congrats to 2nd place!

How did you made the end scroller to mix text in different sizes and graphics? Did you have one long image and just moved it vertically?

Dear Arthur,
congratulations from Germany for the 2nd place and this funny film.
Best regards from Cologne

A Sweded / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be_Kind_Rewind / film edited with a Sweded software ???? Nan a real one ... :-O
Félicitation a vous pour le film suédé et les récompenses, from France ;-)


Arthur - Considering you only had 2 weeks to put the project together you did an excellent job!

I couldn't detect the scenes shot with the Iphone and I liked the "bugs" that appear at the end of the credit roll, nice touch.

Great work!