Won't work at all

So, I was using kdenlive quite happily on Ubuntu Feisty. Then I upgraded to 64bit Ubuntu Studio, and discovered to my delight that kdenlive is included by default. My glee quickly faded, however, when I discovered that rendering is uselessly - and I mean deeply uselessly garbled. Here's how it goes:

Importing a dv file, and watching it through in clip preview works wonderfully. Dropping the file in the timeline and attempting to watch it through yields a fairly radical progressive a/v sync slippage, to the point of the audio being 20 seconds ahead of the video at the end of 3 minute clip. Attempting to render out the timeline results in a file with massive skipping audio that sounds like "The Chipmunks," and video that is seriously miscued - by minutes within the clips, sometimes. It makes the entire project completely nonsensical.

When opening an older 0.4 file (which I had to manually tweak to get it to open, fixing the XML headers) I can, for reasons I can't comprehend, get it to work in the timeline - plays through beautifully. However, on export, the same kind of corruption and garbling and miscued video result.

Attempting to install from source doesn't yeild better results, as every available version of KDENLIVE (SVN, 0.5, 0.4) fails to compile with errors that are quite inscrutible.

Can anyone offer any advice?