Work needed for hardware VDPAU decoding

Dear friends,

I asked again on FFmpeg mailing list for access to VDPAU decoded frames.

Answer from
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 13:47:06 +0200

> You can do it as of today since the actual decoding in on the caller
> side.
> Call VDPAU getDataSurface at the end to retrieve the YV12 data
> Hoping that helps

I will keep you informed in this thread of possible VDPAU support.

Cool. That would be a great new feature.

I am very excited to read in private emails that some work has started and that this could be easier than previously though to add VDPAU. Stay tuned. Dave, can you explain the plans shortly. Everyone is waiting for hardware decoding like kids on a Christmas eve.