Works great just need Pro level color grading like Magic Bullet and simple de-shaker

I love the program and it's working great with my Canon 7D HD files using the proxy back round.

Color grading... I would love to get an easy quick way to do color grading similar to Magic Bullet....I know thats a lot to ask but everything else is there.

De-shaker...even on a dolly I get bumps sometimes and a de-shaker plug-in would allow that footage to be used.

Correct slow motion...the slow motion in Kdenlive rebuilds the footage somehow and makes it look weird. here's an example between Avidemux and Kdenlive so you can see what it should look like. Avidemux take my 60p footage and when I drop it to a frame rate of 24p it plays smooooooth:)

If by magic bullet you mean Colorista II rather than Looks although so called pro tools I'd consider Resolve and Baselight better tools to aim for, number of tools exist within kdenlive already for color processing, sop/sat being one, and Looks presets are just a combination of base color processing tools and masking.

A more realistic approach or ideally would be base processing tools that have an option to work at 32bit precision, blending and transitions in linear light and some tools working directly natively in YCC where appropriate such as luma sharpening and all tools operating on the full range of levels again as appropriate.

Currently kdenlive has 8bit processing if I understand correctly and in RGB consequently levels in sources such as your 7D and my 550D and HV30 all have the levels altered before applying color processing.

There is the option to force full luma on our sources and encode out to lossless h264 which appears to maintain those levels unless an effect is added so that color processing can be done on an edit in a tool like Blender if so desired.

I believe jb has already mentioned 32bit processing and Dan has kindly provided force luma so in time getting the base tools in place and ability to save custom presets will undoubtedly come with time.

I'm sure no one would refuse contributions towards the goal :-)