would be greater if having... (part1)

 Hi I have been playing around with kdenlive and I am very happy seeing a very promising interface and concept pointing to combine video editing and composting as it should be..!


I would like to take advantage of this site to share some thoguhts trying to contribute a bit to make it a great tool:

- Importing SVG from inkscape would be a great thing..

- A shadows (keyframable) filter would be great too..

- A "3D perspective" manipulation of a layer in compositing mode would wonderfull...


(these are some of the things that come to my mind at the moment)


But need to say MANY THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS for developing this software which already looks like the real option for the Open Source community ... (a good interface based on the popular video editing in teh commercial field was a great starting point) now we need looots of effects powerful effects thats the key..!! effects taht could be manipulated as in After Effects (keyframeble everythings keyframable :))  what about been able to import 3D objects to make compositing ?? ;)  anyway .. I know I am asking quite too much at the moment.. sorry for been so "enthusiast"..


so have a great day and many cheers to all the Kdenlive developers team..

PS: Here is my first experiment testing Kdenlive (from a USB live version running ubuntu (so, I am getting excited about the idea of how would be when I move completely to Linux and when Kdenlive evolves just a bit more !!!)




OK.. sorry just a correction I could test that kdenlive can import a .svg file from inkscape (thats very good)

my last test video made with kdenlive is this:


(in this video I have imported one of the titles from inkscape, the perspective of the painting had to be made in the GIMP since I could not find perspective in the rotation of the clip inside kdenlive)

I still think there are some "unclear" issues on how to manipulate the layers when compositing .. and a real and solid 3D (with x,y,z values for each clip or layer would be great in order to help developing further the compositing features..) shadows would be another important thing.. and ALL keyframeble (that would be the ideal)..

Though it has crashed from time to time.. but I want to say well done Kdenlive team !!  I wish someday we could put AfterEffects in the bin.. (??) well perhaphs.. ::)))

thanks and cheers to the open source software developers..!

 updated video link:  (my first experiment using Kdenlive (it didn't get exactly as I wanted but is a good way to try I guess...) it crashed about eight times while making it but hope further versions can get more and more stable and solid and coherent regarding compositing and effects...  i found a bug:

- doesn't retain video effects appllied to a clip when apply speed change to the clip (?)


anyway, as I said the updated link to my first experience using kdenlive is this:



cheers !!