Wrong image clip is picked when dragged to timeline

Wrong image clip is picked when dragged to
I have several image clips in Project Tree sub-folder.
First set named a1.gif, a2.gif, a3.gif was already in project.
Then I added another set b1.gif, b2.gif, b3.gif into the same subfolder (one by one, not slideshow!).
When dragged b1.gif to timeline however a1.gif appears instead. Interesting: some properties like length are transfered OK, some not like the picture.
But when it happens the only way out is to restart kdenlive, or switch to another project and then switch back. Just saving doesn't help.

Reproducible: yes, but only for newly added set of pictures

This may be result of the same bug as in:



oops, not even restarting Kdenlive helped!
I checked kdenlive file and probably fond the explanation, those pictures share the same ID!