wrong video length

Hey, I've got a problem after rendering a video project.
The durability is about 3 1/4 hours and I would like to get this burned as a video dvd.
So, when I was done with editing the video, I pressed the "export to dvd" button.
After about 8 hours of rendering, I got a 9.2GB video file. Playing this video using kaffeine or totem-video-player is nearly no problem.
The whole 3 1/4 hours are at played at normal speed, but these programms tell me, that the length of the video would be about 2 1/2 hour.... . (and so does 'right click -->properties)
And, these 9.2GB are too big to be burned on a normal 4.4GB dvd, so i decided to creat a new video file, with changed parameters, to be smaller.
The output is a 3.9GB file, where all the 3 1/4 hours are viewable (at the correct speed), but the players still tell me a wrong duration (1 hour, 3minutes).
Now burning, using k3b, is not possible, becaus it has problems with calculating the file size....

What am I doing wrong??
Plz, I do need your help!
Thanks, killer-bob


now I was able to brun a dvd (as root), but this dvd doesnt work, neither with xine or kaffeine nor with my stand alone dvd-palyer.
When I try to play the dvd using kaffeine or xine, both crash. Using the stand alone, the dvd plays 2 sec, sound, without the video.
Thanks, Killer-Bob

how are you creating the DVD exactly? and what settings are you using?

I used the standard "export to dvd" function.
Now, my PC rendered the projoect again (what took more than 23 hours...) and I got a mpeg file wiht this settings:

format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=12000000 audio_bit_rate=384000 frequency=48000 size=720x576 progressive=1

What I got is a 16,8GB mpeg video file, containing everything of the video. I can play it without a porblem, but the duration seems to be 5Minutes.....(what of cours is wrong. the correct length is 3 1/4 hours)
I canot burn this as a DVD using qdvdauthor, caus it tells me the wrong length and qdvdauthor doesn't now how to work with that...... .
Plz, I need help!

The only program that detects the correct length is kdenlive.....
Kaffeine, Totem, qdvdauthor and right click properties, they all tell me the same:duration: 5 minutes 27 seconds5 minutes 27 seconds

what version you using .5 or .6

your video bit rate needs to be video_bit_rate=3000000 to get 3 hours of footage on to a dvd. If you make it lower you can get more footage on but it will not be great at this quality.

you may wat to dived your video in half. for qualities sake.

if you have 2 hard disk its much faster to render to the second hard disk. also if to keep the quality at the same leave as the origenal footage it may run a loot faster...

After rendering and creating the dvd using qdvdauthor I wanted to use k9copy to get it on a DVD5

format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=3000000 and audio_bit_rate=128000 frequency=44100 size=720x576 progressive=1

should be Ok to get 3 1/4 Hours on one DVD-5, without using k9copy after rendering?

unfortunatly my progame only estimates till 3 hours of footage and then say qualty to low so that may put you just over the line

the thing is i dont want to render again more than 10 hours, to get a file i cannot use... .
Btw. what might be a reason for this wrong length the players tell me?
and what program do you use to get informed about the values you have to use in order to get the correct dvd file size?
What I forgott to say is, the videos I'm using with kdenlive are saved on a external harddrive, connected to my pc via USB 2.0, but this should not be the reason for an export with the previous settings to take more than 23 hours... .

usb 2 is faster than most hard drives... you just want it rendering to a diffrent harddrive that the one its reading from...

video editing i use AVID... but that cost a couple of thousand regardless of your local currancey.

i would be worried a bout the quality to be honest, even at 3000kb/s is getting quite low you might want to check it witha a small piece of footage. 2 mients and check the quality. 2000kb/s it will all fit on the disk but i won't be great. also the high the compression the fast it tends to render. you biggest lag is your harddrive.

well, i got a 3,8GB file, with these settings (as far as I remember)

format=avi video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=2850000 audio_bit_rate=128000 frequency=32000 size=720x576 vcodec=mpeg4 mbd=2 trell=1 v4mv=1 progressive=1

The quality was ok and the file was small enough, but there was the problem, with the duration, no program 'understood'
The question is, how do i fix that? how do I tel the programs the correct length?

This produced avi file has to be converter into a vob with qdvdauthor, what takes a lot of time.
But the vob output file of kdenlive was as I said with the wrong duration.... .

I just noticed, that even the mpeg2 files produced by qdvdauthor do have the wrong duration..... .

Hey, I got it working!!
This is what I did:
I rerendered the project with these settings:
format=avi video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=2850000 audio_bit_rate=128000 frequency=32000 size=720x576 vcodec=mpeg4 mbd=2 trell=1 v4mv=1 progressive=1
I got a avi file, containing the whole video and the correct video length was detected.
After that I used qdvdauthor to build a dvd with a menu (btw. never use any mutated vowels, this causes an error when qdvdauthor starts dvdauthor).
When qdvdauthor was done, I got a 8.2 GB dvd on my computer.
Because of the size I used k9copy to reduce it and to get it on one DVD5.
(If someone has problems using k9copy, dont worry. Kepping the original menu wasn't possible for me on Ubuntu 7.1, but on 8.04 ;) )

Now I got the DVD5 working in my standalone with a dvd menu. That's what I've been looking for :)
Thanks everybody!