YouTube Direct

We should integrate YouTube Direct (but not as the only option) to make it easier:

Also, maybe we can recommend keywords to use on the popular video sharing sites so we can simply link to search results pages that contain relevant videos and people do not necessarily need to register and add their video to our site.

How about Kdenlive set up a YouTube channel, I assume you might already have one. People then can make tutorials or videos using Kdenlive and put them on their channel and submit the videos to Kdenlive for approval. Approved videos are then added to the Kdenlive YouTube channels playlist, a custom YouTube player is then embedded into a video page on

Below is a link to my embedded YouTube player with 3 of my videos from my YouTube channel playlist. Content is completely controlled from my YouTube channel.

Yep some sort of youtube channel on the lines suggested by lwhistler might be cool. Would be extra advertising for Kdnenlive seperate from the site.

I already have a few videos made but other people what we would add to such a channel
eg Chroma Keying via KdenLive from RecoonX

and the this week in linux videos mentioned before.

I would be happy to kick such a thing off or help administer it.

We should not just directly share any youtube videos on our website because:

1. We must embed the youtube code on our website in such a way that it appeals to users that it's the content from our website.

2. We should use youtube definitely since it's world third most visited website.

3. The idea behind using youtube videos is to funnel traffic and directing visitors to our website.

Here is how I funnel youtube traffic using videos to my own website and not letting my visitors leave my website once they land on it.