Canon MiniDV


Kdenlive is  very nice and easy to use app, but, when you want to capture with Kdenlive you have only 1gb footage, so you must capture with dvgrab in command line, ( [dvgrab --timestamp --size 0 --format dv2 [your file name] ) , for having a complete file capture without cut (illimited file >10gb), it is possible to put the option in the menu for grabbing illimited file, will also be great to have possibilities to grab directly from the camcorder like "Focus FS-store4" storage systeme on a Notebook, command line is ( [dvgrab --noavc --timestamp --size 0 --format dv2 [your file name]), also prob with webcam capture, (no connection, my webcam is a Logitec STX), thank's for your great job.

I run with Ubuntu 8.10 64bit.

I now I ask a lot, sorry.

I am happy with this soft, it is a very good app.

Sorry for my english I am french speaking.



Good to see there is full support for this nice camcorder. Could you query bug reports and open a bug. Sure this can be added, but you need to follow the normal way to ask for features.