Kdenlive 0.7beta1 released

After 10 months of work, we are proud to announce the release of the first beta version of Kdenlive for KDE4.

Kdenlive is an open source multi track video editor based on the MLT video framework and FFmpeg.

Main Features:
* Capture video from your camcorder, webcam or screen
* Mix a large number of different formats (depending on your FFmpeg install): mpeg, flash, mp3, ogg, png, jpeg, dv, hdv, ...
* See the result of your work (effects and transitions) in realtime
* Export your work in several formats (hdv, dv, mpeg, ...)
* Create titles, slideshows and more

You can download the 0.7beta1 source package from our sourceforge project page. Kdenlive relies on several libraries, so you will need some experience to compile from source. If you want to try it, go to our compilation page.

Other users can try the Kdenlive Builder Wizard that downloads, compiles and installs the latest development versions of FFmpeg, MLT and Kdenlive locally without touching your system libraries. Download the builder from: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=85826

Kdenlive translation files have not been updated in this beta release. We hope to have several translations available for the 0.7 final release. If you want to help, check our translation page.

Give us your feedback
We need your help to improve Kdenlive, so please leave a comment on the Feedback page or use our Bug tracker.

Keep in mind that this is Kdenlive version 0.7 beta1. There are still some issues, but we are hoping that you can help us solve them before the final 0.7 release which should occur at the end of October.


Hi I was wondering will it come in the Kubuntu repo´s? i Really wanna use it, but till now the Kdenlive builder fails.

They have now only kde3 version in repo, wich is bugged.

Perhaps it's a good time to get active on the irc channel and help each other out to get Kdenlive built successfully.

For people not familiar with irc you can use a web based client:

Hi folks,

you did a great work. kdenlive is for me the best video capturing and cutting software for linux and i tried a lot of products.
Also the support is very fast and has a high quality. I also try to do my best to continually improve this software.

Thank you very much.


I say, linux video editing (for people coming from adobe premeire and apple final cut) doesn't exist until this is released.

If only the build thing would work for me, or an ubuntu ppa were set up.

I'll finally be able to recommend Linux to some people who think it (as I do) absurd that there isn't yet something like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Linux.

Hi there

If you tried to use the wizard, and it failed, could you please send a problem report to me? My email address is in the about box for the wizard.

Also note, that I just updated it, because ffmpeg changed very recently, so you may want to give the newest version (0.5.1 as we speak) a try.



i just got the kdenlive 0.7beta1 and compiled it successfully

i get a crash when i start it.

i use debian sid + kde4.1 from experimental
i use mlt 0.3.0 from unstable

kernel 2.6.26-1-amd64

ffmpeg -version
FFmpeg version SVN-r13582, Copyright (c) 2000-2008 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
configuration: --prefix=/usr --libdir=${prefix}/lib --shlibdir=${prefix}/lib --bindir=${prefix}/bin --incdir=${prefix}/include/ffmpeg --enable-shared --enable-libmp3lame --enable-gpl --enable-libfaad--mandir=${prefix}/share/man --enable-libvorbis --enable-pthreads --enable-libfaac --enable-libxvid --enable-postproc --enable-libamr-nb --enable-libamr-wb --enable-x11grab --enable-libgsm --enable-libx264 --enable-liba52 --enable-libtheora --extra-cflags=-Wall -g -fPIC -DPIC --cc=ccache cc --enable-swscale --enable-libdc1394 --enable-nonfree --disable-mmx --disable-altivec --disable-stripping --enable-avfilter --enable-libdirac --disable-decoder=libdirac --enable-libschroedinger --disable-encoder=libschroedinger
libavutil version: 49.7.0
libavcodec version: 51.58.0
libavformat version: 52.16.0
libavdevice version: 52.0.0
libavfilter version: 0.0.0
built on Jul 7 2008 23:19:26, gcc: 4.3.1
FFmpeg SVN-r13582
libavutil 3213056
libavcodec 3357184
libavformat 3411968
libavdevice 3407872

here is the crash (from the console)
kdenlive(4054) MainWindow::parseProfiles: RESULTING MLT PATH: "/usr/share/mlt/profiles/"
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...

Hi, I've got exactly the same symptoms here (debian sid + experimental kde4.1 packages too), with the new mlt package from 16/10/2008 (still 0.3.0, but updated in debian)

It crashes at start with exactly the same messages as nadavkav.

Also, debugger gives :

[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread 0xb52c1b60 (LWP 9507)]
[KCrash handler]
#6 0xb22c611d in QMutexPool::get (this=0x8d1acb0, address=0xb246b54c)
at tools/qmutexpool.cpp:141
#7 0xb20024da in QMetaObjectCleanUp (this=0xb246cb24,
mo_name=0xb24282c8 "QMotifStyle",
func=0xb2371f50 )
at kernel/qmetaobject.cpp:1209
#8 0xb2371dba in __static_initialization_and_destruction_0 (
__initialize_p=, __priority=-1303988916)
at .moc/release-shared-mt/moc_qmotifstyle.cpp:28
#9 0xb2372215 in __do_global_ctors_aux () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#10 0xb1f1ea40 in _init () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#11 0xb7fe6de4 in ?? () from /lib/ld-linux.so.2
#12 0x00000005 in ?? ()
#13 0xbfef2db4 in ?? ()
#14 0x08d516a0 in ?? ()
#15 0x00000050 in ?? ()
#16 0xb6bedd30 in ?? ()
#17 0x00000005 in ?? ()
#18 0x00000000 in ?? ()
#0 0xb7fd8424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()

Hope that helps...

the crash was due to an mlt (debian unstable package) that was compiled for qt3
compiling it to qt4 solved this issue.

I managed to get this built on Mandriva 2009 but unfortunately neither the kommander script not the classic builder script work yet. Following the instructions on the compilation page worked fine. Although I made a bit of a mess of it by not installing ffmpeg and then copying over the header and object files to where kdenlive expected to find them. I couldn't figure out how to tell cmake where to look for them :/

Kdenlive is looking great! I made a small text clip added it to the timeline and exported it as a widescreen vob and everything worked great. I also imported a large avi movie and it worked perfectly.

I should have tried to install it first! There's already a package available!

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