Kdenlive 0.9.8, the stable track

Dear kdenlive fans,

If you edit movies "for real", you probably don't use the development snapshots (do you?) and stick to the latest release, dating back from one year. Yet, our bugtracker didn't remain empty even with v0.9.6, so you may have been waiting for an upgrade... here it comes!

v0.9.8 doesn't include big moves like architecture refactoring or GLSL (be patient!), it is mainly fixing bugs and bringing minor changes. Check the release page for more details.

As previously, you can get the source code from KDE servers. Hope that your distro won't be the last to package it ;-) MLT upgrade to 0.9 is not mandatory, but keeping up to date is always good to avoid falling on old bugs.

Of course, we thank everyone who contributed or helped us in other ways during this one-year period.

Don't hesitate to relay this info, and to come help us (code, manual, translation, etc)!