Most distributions ship Kdenlive packages.
Check our documentation if you want do get a newer version of Kdenlive or compile manually.


Latest News

Akademy 2017 talk

The talk by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle’s at Akademy 2017 is released along with many other interesting talks. Akademy is the annual world summit of KDE, one of the largest Free Software communities in the world. It is a free, non-commercial event organized by the...

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Kdenlive Café #23 and # 24

Which is the status of the Kdenlive’s development and of the Timeline refactoring? Which are the new features do we plan to add? Which is the best way to install the free video editing software on my OS? These and other topics will be discussed during the 2017...

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Kdenlive 17.08.3 released

The last dot release of the 17.08 series is out with minor fixes. We continue focus on the refactoring branch with steady progress towards a stable release. Fixes Set a proper desktop file name to fix an icon under Wayland. Commit. Sort clip zones by position instead...

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Past days in Kdenlive

Since last update, several missing features & stability update made it to the development branch, you can follow the progress on our 17.12 blocking issues. Main changes include: Keyframes are back in timeline, for example in the volume effect Geometry keyframes...

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Kdenlive 17.08.2 released

The second minor release of the 17.08 series is out adding a rotate from image center option in the Transform effect among other usability improvements. In other news the dev team continues making progress for the much anticipated 17.12 release. Start the countdown!...

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This week in Kdenlive

The refactoring branch of Kdenlive is progressing nicely and we hope to merge our code to master in the last days of october to meet the KDE Applications 17.12 release schedule. Today we updated the AppImages of both stable and refactoring branch. Fixes for stable...

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