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Latest News

This week in Kdenlive

The refactoring branch of Kdenlive is progressing nicely and we hope to merge our code to master in the last days of october to meet the KDE Applications 17.12 release schedule. Today we updated the AppImages of both stable and refactoring branch. Fixes for stable...

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Last week in Kdenlive

Since last week’s 17.12 alpha release, we have been steadily progressing on the road to stability, and can now announce the second alpha AppImage including the following changes: Now uses Qt 5.9.1 instead of 5.7.0 Fixes wrong icon coloring in UI Patched KDE...

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Randa news, release update

A lot happened recently regarding Kdenlive. Let’s start with a some news from the swiss mountains: Randa! Last week, from wednesday to saturday I attended KDE’s annual Randa sprint organized by wonderful people. This was an occasion to work fulltime on...

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Kdenlive 17.08.1 released

Although the team is at full throttle getting ready for the 17.12 big refactoring release, we make available the first point release of the 17.08 series bringing various bugfixes and usability improvements. Stay tuned for testing the refactoring branch packages to be...

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Kdenlive development and upcoming events

Kdenlive’s large cleanup and code refactoring will reach a major milestone with the release of Kdenlive 17.12 in december. The development team has been working hard all year to prepare for this release, and we will merge the code to the master branch in...

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Design choices ahead

As many of you may know by now, we are currently doing a code refactoring which will be taking a step forward in making our software more suitable for professional use. In the process, we are facing some critical design choices, and want to hear the opinion of the...

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