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Man On The Ice - A Short Portrait Of An Ice Fisher - (Dissolve title texts)

Old MiniDV Camera on hard conditions. Too cheap tripod, problems on the snow. A Png title text made with Gimp and used with dissolve & dissolve reverse transition. A lot of tape noise removed with Audacity. I did Analyze > Plot Spectrum. Effect > Nyquist Prompt: (notch2 s xxxx 150) . Two frequencies "xxxx" peaking on the Plot Spectrum. Tried to check colors but very difficult with this Acer laptop monitor. Removed little redness, now too much green?

Nemo 33 : The World's Deepest Pool

Here is a video from my trip at Nemo 33, the deepest indoor pool in the world:

Edited in Kdenlive on Ubuntu 12.10, and filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2 and its underwater housing, at 1080p in 25 fps.

Ubu the Tech Guru YouTube Channel

Hey guys,
I create gaming videos with kdenlive and have been since 2009 I believe. I love kdenlive and thank Sunab so much for providing an up-to-date version with his PPA. I am using Xubuntu 12.04 and Kdenlive 0.9.5. I have a Welcome video for those that aren't subscribed already here:

This is 2-cool

Saw this and had to get more info on it....


after a lot of research, and careful consideration... i bought a dji-phantom and a hero3....


Workshop video: building 6 RepRap open source 3D printers

I filmed this 2-day workshop at Fab Lab Berlin a couple of weeks ago - there's the whole process from basic assembly, through calibration and testing, to finally the printing stage:


I switched to free software 7 months ago and having tried out Cinelerra, OpenShot, Novacut and PiTiVi I concluded there's nothing close to Kdenlive's capability.

spurkopf : vordem; a music video

Edited using Kdenlive 0.92

Any comments are appreciated.

"Three Months in China" - my new documentary - All with Kdenlive

- You can Google translate the subtitles in your preferred language pressing the subtitle icon → "Translate subtitles (New)" and choosing your language.
- The original is in Italian.
- You can choose to watch it in 720p and even in 1080p. I worked a lot to get a good quality in full HD.
- Video and all songs released under CC.
- Enjoy!


Ripu- A short film edited on Kdenlive

Hi Folks,

I edited the following short film of around 20 mins exclusively on kdenlive. Did the editing, color correction, compostiting and sound design almost everything on Kdenlive version 0.9.4 running on Linux Mint KDE. I loved the features introduced with the 0.9.X series, they came in really handy.

Do watch and let me know your feedback.


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