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SCYLLA: Short film with six sound tracks

Hi, everybody.

I've recently finished my new short film called Scylla. I used kdenlive and I am very pleased with this piece of software. In the making time of it, I'ver learned many things and used several (6) sound channel tracks, with more or less 100 % success. I missed, though, the possibility of panning sounds, feature that I've been said it will be included in next realeases.

Hope you like my work. If anyone needs help, please contact me.

Scylla has subtitles in 10 languages, but the main sound track is in spanish.

The link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfooPNZVKfA

Hola a todos.

He terminado hace poco mi nuevo cortometraje, realizado totalmente en kdendlive y en general estoy bastante satisfecho del programa. Durante el montaje he aprendido bastantes cosas del programa y he usado varias pistas (6) de sonido. He echado de menos poder hacer panoramas con el sonido, posibilidad que parece estará disponible en breve.

Blues-Video in the Style of 1930 made with Kdenlive

It's just a little music-video I recorded in our living room. With some effects in Kdenlive I tried to give the song an old bluesy sound and feeling.

Very serious travel show edited with Kdenlive!

An online travel show called Esa & Rob On the Road edited entirely with Kdenlive.
Check it out on http://ontheroad.edicypages.com

grey's anatomy dvd

As I already have Grey's Anatomy Season 1 -4, I had to have Season 5 and I am glad that I do so now, It is fun being a part of the full gang once again to smile and cry with them. Now waiting to see Season 6 on DVD

Recent video - radio controlled model with PIP

The 3D effects were done with Blender. Kdenlive synced the two videos with no problem, even though the frame rates were different.


Nowardev on the sky hehehe

sorry removed link

Free Hugs and Bananas in Finland


Just want to share what I recently edited with Kdenlive.
Shot with a HD camcorder. Had to convert the footage with
WinFF to DV quality for smoother performance on my laptop.

Kdenlive is a great editing software! think I will start using
it in smaller projects like this one.



OP Drama

Hi, Forum;
I'm new to the great tool Kdenlive and I love it.

I like to share with you this 3D and 2D integration video animation made with Maya,Gimp,and Final product with Kdenlive.

Thank you and have a nice day.

My skydiving yeaaaa

Video (AC/DC-bootleg) done with Kdenlive and Nokia N900-phone

Hi folks,

I don't know if/when YouTube will remove my video or not, but here's some atmosphere from a gig this week. I know cell phone is NOT a video recorder, but in some cases it's quite handy. The main prob is to preserve the "quality" in A/V when it goes to YouTube, I render to FLV nowadays as that seems to preserve quite well both audio and video. Nothing fancy in the video when it comes to editing etc, I wanted to try video editing with lesser quality source material.

Enjoy, that was an awesome gig!


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