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99 Seconds at Eriksbergsdockan Gothenburg

A mix of sound, video and a sound improvisation I made. Video and sound captured in February 2013.
Kdenlive 0.9.2 have been used to produce this video.
:-) Daniel

Goodnight: slow-motion music video

Here is Goodnight, a music video by Omashay:

It was entirely edited in Kdenlive and the slow-motion was produced by slowmoVideo, an open-source Twixtor clone.

Help us to make kdenlive a star

Dear kdenlives,

we took part at a German "99fire film award" and are the first team which only use open source software. We love kdenlive and want to promote it and show others that you can be a winner. So please give us your vote and click the button "Jetzt abstimmen" directly left under the movie. You can use your facebook account to vote. If you don't understand German you should be careful :-)


99fire Film award participant

We took part in the german 99 fire Film award. Film edited with 0.9.2
The challenge of this award was to produce in 99 hours a 99 second short film to the topic "Wir machen es einfach" (Let's do it)


This is the city in which I live.
I do not know English so please forgive me for using PROMPT.


edit: embed

Once Upon A Time - Birthday invitation

Once Upon A Time - Birthday invitation - created in Kdenlive.

A bit of rotoscoping. A bit of composite with matte file, A bit of greenscreen.

Use of screen transition to add the stock footage of the lightning.

A large amount of sillyness.

2 min Sepia Tone Mystic Ambient / Different Style To Time Music & Video / Speed Changes

I wonder why Scratchlines & Dust are colored? Flying bugs were killing me when shooting the clips!

2 min Black & White "Ethnic" Music / Some Special Effects

Bluescreens, Rotoscoping, Dissolve from blue, Alpha keyframed, Fading... My bluescreen was horrible! Two old matresses.
DV camera.


Paragliding Morroco


Here's my last video about paragliding using kdlenlive

Enjoy !



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