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More fun !

Here's a couple more edits done with Kdenlive, motorbike related. The first one has Picture-in-Picture!

More from Jman

While making my last youtube video my daughter and her friend asked me to help them make a movie. it's up on my daughters channel. kind of silly but fun for the kids to do.

Video a clip about the present man's work

The reference of video of a clip
The program is mastered by us of percent on 30, we study.
With interest we will listen to councils and wishes.

Shag Tag

Recently I was tagged by youtube friends to do a Top Five Shag video. The idea is simple. Choose five celebrities you would most like to shag and make a music video. Here is my Top five. And now I tag all of YOU !!!
Make a music video of the five celebrities YOU would most want to shag and post it here as a response to this thread. I can't wait to see your top five.

Loud video

Video for a dutch music label competition where something has to be destroyed on camera. I choose some lousy cd's.

This is my second serious attempt at editing with Kdenlive and it went pretty smoothly compared to the first one, which was on version 6.3 I think. Lots of new stuff to explore and I'm still learning the compositing effect options etc. and finding/fine-tuning my Kdenlive editing workflow

Anyway if you don't like hard bass and fast editing this one probably isn't for you.

Thunderbirds in HD

The Thunderbirds at Nellis Air Force base. Edited with a recent svn version of kdenlive on Linux.


There is some sound distortion at 0:51, 0:55 and 1:06 that I wish I knew how to get rid of. That distortion isn't in the original video clips.

I could have put a motion compensation video effect to good use on some of those video clips.

Pink Noise Music Video

Here is the first music video that my band did. We are linux advocates and want to spread the news of all the awesome things that you can do with free software. thanks for making some awesome software, and we look forward to future releases!

Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Satire Short

I took part of the Oprah Winfrey interview of Sarah Palin and juxtaposed it with another video of Palin. This along with some context shifting turned into satire.

HD Skydive videos compilations

This is a compilation made with Kdenlive :


Latest videos in this section were created with Kdenlive also :


My first video edited with Kdenlive.
It's my dog and me doing some tricks together.



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