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Music Video Torn performed by Janina Hagberg

Edited using kdenlive 0.9.2.
Music and lyrics composed, performed and recorded by Janina Hagberg.
Video shot and edited by me. Comments on the video edit are welcome.

Video de QL hecho con kdenlive

Hola! Bueno, les cuento que juego quake live, y tiene una cultura de hacer videos de frags. Todo el mundo usa sony vegas, y qué sé yo. Yo uso avidemux y kdenlive.
Al principio nomás pegaba un frag atrás del otro y le ponía música, pero empecé a aprender cada vez un poquito más del programa y en el último video pude hacer algunas cosas que siempre quise hacer (como dividir la pantalla, y agregarle imagenes que se movieran, etc).
Bueno, espero que no resulte aburrido. saludos!

Black Ops II Gameplay

I use a Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge (firewire) to capture my Xbox 360 gameplay using Kdenlive. I record commentaries using Audacity and lay the audio over the video. Here's 1 I did recently where I stretched the 720x480p source to fill 1280x720, it turned out ok but I really want to purchase either a Black Magic Intensity Pro or an HD PVR (both work in linux I've read).

First KdenLive edit


I am not a very experienced video editor but I decided to try KdenLive and it is suprissing good, I really didnt expected so much from a opensource project.

Anyway I did a video remix about austerity in the south Europe, I did some rookie mistakes and given the created clips in DVD formats I ended up not being able to render at HD resolutions without redoing the clips, to much work, for now. On the plus side I dont think that my CPU could handle it, but it surpassed by far what I did on Windows :D

Anyway I hope you enjoy.

Import AVCHD/MTS/MKV/AVI/MXF to Apple Aperture 3 on Mac Mountain

Import AVCHD/MTS/MKV/AVI/MXF to Apple Aperture 3 on Mac Mountain

Convert AVCHD/MTS/MKV/AVI/MXF to MOV for Apple Aperture 3

Edit AVCHD/MTS/MKV/AVI/MXF video in Apple Aperture 3 on Mac 10.8

Tags: AVCHD to Aperture 3, MTS to Aperture 3, MKV to Aperture 3, AVI to Aperture 3, MXF to Aperture 3

Summary: In this article you can find the best method to edit videos in Apple Aperture 3 on Mac, just learn how to convert AVCHD/MTS/MKV/AVI/MXF to MOV for Apple Aperture 3.

Aperture is a professional photography application that lets you refine images, showcase your photography, and manage massive photo libraries. Aperture gives your photography the professional treatment it deserves, with more sophisticated tools to perfect your images and powerful ways to browse and choose your best shots. And now that Aperture is optimized for the MacBook Pro with Retina display, it's a whole new way to see everything.

Burning toaster VFX


A visual effect created with Kdenlive created using the screen transition. Not perfect (aliased edges under the flames, and the sparks are cheesy. The flashes and flames have no effect on ambient light or reflections, and some smoke wouldn't have hurt) but I'm proud of it for 1 hour's work (including hunting own the images and sounds). Used it to convince some students they didn't actually need to set a toaster on fire for their final year film.

I Think it shows some of the things can be done with Kdenlive. I tried this effect on Avid MC5 and failed to get anything as good.

And yes - I did notice the toaster's not plugged in in the original image.


Toaster image by John Bell - healthserviceglasses flickr.com/people/healthserviceglasses/ creative commons share alike.
Flames by Made by Justus Gilstrap youtube.com/watch?v=8sXsStMGfGM
Sparks by The Tutorial Brothers. youtube.com/watch?v=5GRtQX7weXY


Water-polo film

My last Video edition
Thanks to all the water-polo players and the staff.

Simple PNG incrustation / (waiting for tracking txt or png incrustation on a futur Kdenlive?!)
mp3 Music background / 3 camera / Kdenlive 9.2 64 bits

Let's start the video:

My website | WebM streaming and mp4 FullHD link

Film about Marmots


made a little kdenlive-film about marmots in the bavarian Mountains:


Did some color correction and used the stability feature in the first part.


Two music videos

Hello all

I just want to share with you two music videos that my friends and I made. Maybe some of you don't understand the Croatian but still you can watch the videos. Hope you like them.





Scuba Diving video

Here is a scuba diving video I filmed with a GoPro Hero2 and of course edited with Kdenlive:

Underwater, colors fades to blue/green, so I tried to fixed them with some filters directly in Kdenlive. Details of the color correction process can be found here.


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