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Documentary @ german short film festival edited with Kdenlive 9.2

Documentary about blind people playing soccer (with english subtitles).

Many thanks to the great kdenlive developer team.
If you want to see the movie in full screen click the "vimeo"-link in the right corner.

ParKouR Crew - Young Guys training

Thanks to all the guys for this action video!!

Just another new video made with Kdenlive

ps: I used slowmoVideo for some part.

IMX to AE CS6-Import Sony XDCAM HD MXF, IMX to After Effects CS6

IMX to AE CS6-Import Sony XDCAM HD MXF, IMX to After Effects CS6

Though Adobe claimed that "Premiere Pro CS6 software provides native support for Sony XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD (including XDCAM HD 50) cameras and content with no transcoding required, smooth importing, strong metadata support, real-time editing, and flexible delivery options", lots of people get stuck in importing Sony XDCAM .mxf footage to Pro CS6/AE CE6, here's a post form adobe forum:

My last vacation in China | Music

This 2012, I went in China for 4 weeks, I bring my Panasonic Camera with me, and Shoot in FullHD 1080p50.
I wasn't sure, I can edit anything in 50p, but Kdenlive work well with it!!!

Kdenlive worked very weel, only one crash (at the beginning because of the music, I think). For the rest everything was perfect, the last rendering use only 10 minutes, but 9 Go of RAM !!!!
I use ffmpeg for the transcode to webm, 360p25 ans 720p30 / I reduced the framerate.

Stop...Actions!!! - Animation Short Film

Animation short film realised par Ariane's neighbourhood (Nice / France) kids, with support of "CCAS Le Village" and JMF, for an holiday's project of ACSE.

Production / Technical support : Katia Vonna Beltran - La Boîte
Original music : Wilfrid Houssin
Creation of "Yvonne", the Mobile Studio Box : Louis Dollé
Editing : Jérôme Blanchi - TransMission Libre
Software : Kdenlive + The Gimp + SynfigStudio + Avidemux



Court métrage d’animation réalisé par des jeunes du quartier de l’Ariane (Nice / France), en partenariat avec le CCAS Le Village et JMF, dans le cadre d’un projet VVV financé par l’ACSE.

Ce film a été écrit, mis en scène et fabriqué par les jeunes avec le soutien de La Boîte pour la réalisation…

Réalisation / Support Technique : Katia Vonna Beltran - La Boîte
Bande son original : Wilfrid Houssin
Fabrication d'Yvonne, le studio mobile d'animation : Louis Dollé

Convert TS video to FCE and Import TS files into FCE for editing

TS to Final Cut Express - Convert TS video to FCE and Import TS files into FCE for editing

How to import TS video into Final Cut Express for editing as the FCE doesn't support .ts files? Is there an easy way to convert TS video to FCE support format videos? With which tools can you edit TS video with the Final Cut Express?

TS, short for Transport Stream, is a communications protocol for audio, video, and data. TS to Final Cut Express Converter brings you the easiest, affordable way to import .ts movies into FCE accepted video: MOV (*.MOV), DV Format (*.DV) and MPEG-4 Movie (*.MP4).

48hr film entry edited, mixed, colour corrected and composited on Kdenlive 9.2

Hi All, though you might be interested in a film we made for the DVMission 48 hour film competition in Portsmouth UK this year.

The rules are 2 minutes maximum, no copyright violations, and the inclusion of 3 obstructions announced at the start of 48 hours which were:

Title: The Pepperdine Method
Genre: Creature Feature
Line of Dialogue: "I've got 99 problems!"

"Your Mouth is a House" Video Remix

Hi, all.

I created this silly video for this not-so-silly contest. It's a music video with footage from old educational films found in the Prelinger Archives.

This is my first time doing anything like this, so I would appreciate any feedback.

Encode Olympus E-PL1 AVI to AIC codec for iMovie/FCE

Encode Olympus E-PL1 AVI to AIC codec for iMovie/FCE

Summary:Follow the guide below you will know how to import Olympus E-PL1 AVI video to iMovie with AIC codec.

"I added an E-PL1 with the kit lens and the 40-150 to my bag last March. Since then, I've become addicted to it and almost never touch my FF DSLR (may actually sell out of the FF stuff next year)."

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I had some spare time and thought I'd try shooting a video footage of the sunset from my back deck. E-PL1 has bigger body (good size to me, heavier and feel very solid) and the movies are in AVI format and it IS possible to get iMovie on the Mac once you convert the AVI to Apple InterMediate Codec.

AVCHD to FCP- Transcode Sony/Panasonic 50p/60p MTS to FCP 7/X with ProRes codec

AVCHD Editor- Sony/Panasonic 60p 50p AVCHD into slow motion with Final Cut Pro

Nowadays many cameras and camcorders can record full HD 1080P 50p/60p videos, such as MOV and AVCHD 50P/60P files. The 50P/60P AVCHD files are good to maintain the quality of the video, but they are not easy to use. For example, if you want to edit recorded AVCHD footages in FCP X on Mac, you can't import 50P/60P AVCHD videos to FCP X directly, the FCP X doesn't support 50P/60P videos for editing.


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