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Solemn Lullaby - music video (+linux sampler)


I composed "Solemn Lullaby" with Linux (linuxsampler, ardour + analog mixing and arecord :D )
And I have created the video with kdenlive :)

It's here :

Please let me know what you think!
Any editing adjustment to propose?


BBC- Sherlock- Fangirlvideo:)

After the new update I finally have been able to make an fanvideo for BBC Sherlock with Kdenlive, which I've been wanting since months, but kdenlive hasn't been stable enough. What sall I say? I love kdenlive now more than ever,all the effects and possiblilties and that I don`t have to struggle with missing codecs. Thank you so much for developing it so well!


Best wishes

Music Video For a local band Edited in Kdenlive

I had to do a video for some mates in a band, and used Kdenlive for it's speed and ease of use:


I have been using Kdenlive for most of my videos for the last 3 months.

Music Video produced with Kdenlive

Hi all -

thought you might enjoy this music video I just produced with Kdenlive - my first using it! I worked on a woefully underpowered Toshiba netbook, used footage from my Optimus V phone (which I had to transcode to Lossless Matroska and demux in order to achieve sync) and some stills I took with a Nikon DSLR. I abused the heck out of the Baltan effect. :)

First Kdenlive Video Project

Here's a link to the first video project I produced using Kdenlive. It's for the kickstarter project for a local non-profit organic farming group.


Thanks to the Kdenlive team for producing a great program. And thanks to Kevin Deldycke, I got the idea for the titles from Kevin's blog.

Platformer Video Game "Nikki and the Robots" Release Trailer [3:06]

Hello, I recently created a 720p trailer using mostly fade-to/from-black transitions, zooming pixel style text and in-game sounds + 2 music tracks.


I was so happy that Kdenlive didn't crash even once. I was working on an Arch Linux 64bit Quadcore/4GB RAM with game video capturing made with ffmpeg (using more or less this method).

I had three moments of joy during editing:
1. When I first realized that I have to use keyframing of composition opacity rather than fade-to/from-black
2. When I noticed that the zoom effect would keep the correct zoom-percentage for each frame if I cut it.
3. When I realized that I can copy effects by dragging and dropping onto other "pieces of video" (although this didn't always work perfectly regarding keeping same values)

Trip to Cuba

Hi there,

I started using Kdenlive 2 years ago and I'm using it from time to time. I can see progress in stability - only one crash during work on this clip :) I had to use ffmpeg to create small version of MTS files, work with small video files and then replace them with originals in text editor (for some reason proxy clips don't work on my laptop).

Trailer "Verkettung"

Habe den Trailer heute fertig gestellt, wurde natürlich komplett mit Kdenlive erstellt. :o)

Der Protagonist kommt nach Hause, gebeutelt von einigen Schicksalsschlägen und muss sich dann noch mit einer Hotline rumärgern...

My trailer for my actual project. "Verkettung" means "catenation". Final movie will be on german too, maybe with english subtitles.

Buddhabrot4D (with sound)


For your viewing pleasure:


Another video production from Studio DLP. The original video was found at archive.org via Kdenlive's very handy On-line Resources feature. The sonic accompaniment is from an original piece made with AVSynthesis, a Csound composition environment.



Music video in Paris + Color grading example

Here is the music video shot this summer in Paris for the song "Where is she ?" of the Omashay project:

It was shot with a Canon EOS 7D, and Kdenlive was used for both editing and color grading.

Here is a split screen comparing the raw footage and the final color corrected video:


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