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First video with kdenlive


I just created my first video with kdenlive and a cheap webcam.

You can find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhFjbnBe2Pg

I also want to say thanks to all developers.

Kdenlive is a very great programm and the best: it's free and opensource! Keep on the great work :)


Movie Clip


This is a movie-clip I directed with 4 volunteers during this summer in Iceland (Raufaröhn). I edited it in Kdenlive. Thank you for this amazing software!
The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJwBfWHp66U

Road Trip Time Lapse

Just made my first video with Kdenlive. I did quite a bit of driving over the last 6 weeks, so I grabbed an old webcam and strapped it to my truck with tape, zip-ties, etc. I then set up my laptop to capture 1 picture per second.

I used slideshow clips with a duration of 1 frame to turn the stills into video. The webcam turned the sun into a black dot at 7:07, so I used rotoscoping to fix it. Webcam quality is low, but I think it's entertaining none-the-less.

The Rhine Gorge

After all the moaning I've been doing lately, I thought It's time to post a bit of my rubbishy work on here :-)

This is an excerpt from a recent cruise we had on The Rhine, Germany. This is The Rhine Gorge and it's many castles. Did I just see some faces drop?. All Kdenlive of course. Starts a little slow because of the music but does speed up somewhat.

TimeLapse + StopMotion + Flickering ...

---> 48h Next To...
A few days of photo between Nice and Berlin

---> Fortune Factory
Multi hands stop motion movie realised with charms created during the 48H Neukölln Festival 2012

---> Stand4Japan
Photos of a performance "Unable to see" mixed with a Kireek live act

---> Teaser of a short stop motion animation

Software involved : kdenlive + avidemux + the gimp + synfig studio


---> 48h Next To...
Quelques jours de photos entre Nice et Berlin en attendant le festival

---> Fortune Factory
Film d'animation multi-mains réalisé avec des portes bonheurs créé durant le festival 48h de Neukölln 2012

---> Stand4Japan
Basée sur des photos d'une perf" sur le tarmac de templehoff et sur un mix du duo Kireek

---> Bande annonce d'un court métrage d'animation

Joda : No extrem riders !!


I share with you my new short familly film : Micro-scooter / Trottinette

The video was taken with a Pentax K5.

The music is opensource from the web site : 'Jamendo' (The artists are mentioned at the end credits)

The link is there : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs9o56_les-trottineurs_people

Have a nice watch and thanks for your feed back !

And thanks for KDEnLive for this nice and powerfull software !!!!

My videos

Hey all you Kdenlive forum lurkers, thought I would share my youtube channel.
All my videos are edited in kdenlive.


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