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Movement Translation - Kdenlive + Csound


A 14-minute video exploring some effects in Kdenlive, with soundtrack created in Csound (AVSynthesis) :




Silly special effects video with kids.

Hi all, I created this daft special effect in order to demonstrate the my children how special effects work in movies, and why they can't believe everything they see on TV. Compositing, "animation" (such as it is), and colour correction were all done in Kdenlive and audio all from freesound.org imported directly using the online resources facility. The sparkles themselves were created in GIMP and then saved as PNG files with transparency.

The 3 Videotiers: using the rotoscopy (or clone) effect


I made this video with kdenlive for my family as they always complain that I'm hardly on photos (being the photographer most of the time) and never on video.
So I decided to use the rotoscopy effect (clone effect) in Kdenlive.
After about 3 weeks I decided to subtitle it (actually supertitle it), as the video is in Dutch, and put it on Youtube and here in the Theatre.

H.R. Giger Retrospective Exhibition in Hamburg

This is a video I shot on a Canon EOS 500D and then edited in Kdenlive.


Windsurfing videos edited with kdenlive

Hi all,

I use kdenlive to edit my GoPro video, here is some videos


Hooligans in training

Greetings everybody!

Riding season started so it's time to ride again...

Hm... not sure how direct video-embedding works with this forum, so here's the link to it: http://www.youtube.com/embed/lmPsckUbXpE

Best regards...


Some of my videos created using KDENLIVE

This is MALPE beach near by home town. It is located near Udupi, Karntaka State, India

Music: Goaschuld - Smooth drift

This one is Kaup beach which is my home town. It is located near Udupi, Karntaka State, India
Music: Suddenly trees are giving way by Ulrich Schnauss

My first HD clip created with kdenlive is now live on YouTube!

The HD project was created as HD 1080p @ 25fps and rendered as a custom MPEG-2 project (*.m2t file type) according to these instructions:

I had forgotten to add some credits and a copyright notice at the end of the clip, so I created those separately and used the Bash "cat" command to concatenate the files after i was done (rendering of the 24 minute clip took 2'30", so I didn't want to run it again).

The finished project is here (hope you like classical piano music!):

The page turn transitions were created with ImageMagick -- I customised a script which was downloaded from here:

A Party in Sweden - My first ever production :)

Guys, thank you so much for the hard work and development into kdenlive and especially for releasing it open source.

Last weekend I was in Sweden with friends and on Saturday night we went to a party. Half way through the evening I decided to start filming random things with the vague idea of somehow patching all the scenes together and popping it on youtube so everyone could see. I got home a few days ago and trawled the net for software and found kdenlive. It took me while to get it to run (I ended up using the build scripts) and here's my first ever attempt at production.


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