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We created first clip!

Welcome to watching

Created in kdenlive-8.2.1
(vfx created in blender)

Slalom Training

Hi everybody,

last year I shot some clips during our car slalom training event at Ahlhorn, northern Germany. From 3:45" there are some sequences with PiP and overlays.

While editing this stuff I had no crashes and I would like to thank the developer team for their great job!

Cheers, Achim

chocolate production

Edited with kdenlive 8.2

4m² : my first narrative short film

Here is the first narrative short film I worked on. It was of course edited with Kdenlive:

Here is the associated release post, where you'll find stills from the movie: http://kevin.deldycke.com/2012/03/first-short-film-4m2-released/

Lindy Bomb

Lindy Bombing the Red Line in Boston!


Cute Newborn Kids (Baby Goats)

This video was a good excuse to test stabilization features of transcode, which are now easily available in Kdenlive interface.

The details and commands lines are available in my production notes, in which I also discuss alternative stabilization methods: http://kevin.deldycke.com/2012/02/stabilizing-cute-baby-goats/

Julie Brown

Once in a while I get the privelage of pointing my camera at something other than my bad self. This was one of those times. Ladies and gentleman may I present Julie Brown.

"Skydiving Water Gun Fight, And Everything In Between"

Helo, I made a big skydive edit with kdenlive (fun, speed and quiet parts, with Music sync), which was posted on several sites (not by me) :

Video Contest

Edited with KDENLIVE

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Contest will expire 2012/16/03

Thanks in advance !!


Advanced Photoshop Compositing Tutorial


My first Kdenlive edited project. The opening sequence was done in After Effects however, but all the other stuff Kdenlive. I used Audacity for editing the audio, keyframed the volume in Kdenlive.

Chris Nuzzaco


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