Development-specific news about Kdenlive/MLT and the related libraries used in the project

kdenlive-0-9-4 release ... spread it


If have traduced the release news in french and posted it on

Feel free to do the same in other language / website and why not also add to this thread the link and language you did for other users.



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Change Sony NEX-5R AVCHD to Final Cut Pro (X) support format

Change Sony NEX-5R AVCHD to Final Cut Pro (X) support format

summary: You may have used Sony NEX-5R and recorded some AVCHD videos, read this article you can get better method to change Sony NEX-5R AVCHD to Final Cut Pro (X) support format for editing on Mac Mountain Lion.

Sony NEX-5R captures HD Movies in your choice of super-smooth 60p, standard 60i or cinematic 24p, all at Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. The AVCHD codec delivers stunning picture quality while the MP4 codec lets you compress to smaller files for easier upload to the web.

"I can't get FCP 7 or FCP X to import AVCHD (with Sony NEX-5R) shot in 1080 60p. In FCP 7, when using Log and Transfer, I can see all the clips on my card (or FMU), but the material shot in 60p doesn't have an icon present. When I click on it, it tries to transfer, but ends up with an error. In FCP X, when using Camera Import , it doesn't even show my clips shot 60p."


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how to use recordmydesktop

when configuring my kdenlive, I see I can't use the functionality of capturing what happend on my desktop.

As I use the french version, i'd like to receive an answer in that langage

Thank you very much by advance



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