Development-specific news about Kdenlive/MLT and the related libraries used in the project

Adam Wheeler Pulls A Fast One On Harvard University

Adam Wheeler appeared to be a highly motivated young student with a bright future. The 23-year-old had great grades on paper, also as the kind of well-rounded academic resume that makes administrators swoon. But as stories go, Mr. Wheeler's tale was a bedtime fairy tale for our cynical age. Adam Wheeler, student extraordinaire, was only extraordinary in his fabricated notion of reality, as outlined by ABC News. Wheeler scammed scholarship groups and paycheck loans organizations for well over $ 45,000 in order to play the role of a Harvard student.


Bungie And Activision Partner Up For A Decade

In a move that appears to be as surprising as the Master Chief unmasking on "Halo," video game giants Activision and Bungie have announced a 10-year distribution deal.


Very Good software for all kind of video editing

This is a very good software supporting all kind of video formats, and moreover this software is a freeware and can be downloaded and used... and also can create funds for future software creation like this games


Lightworks vs. Kdenlive

Lightworks is going to become freely available this year and it supposed to be very good. I took a look at the feature list ( for it, but couldn't really find anything that important, that would be missing from Kdenlive.

Can someone enlighten me to what exactly make Lightworks so good?


foundation to generate funds for kdenlive

I think the team kdenlive should create a foundation that generates funds for kdenlive as blender and morzila


VLMC - VideoLan Movie Creator

A very interesting piece of news: VLC will be joined by VLMC in not to distant future:


Building a Gallery (?)


I would like to keep sharing what I keep doing while experimenting with this nice tool called Kdenlive. I would really like to thank to all of the wonderful people working and cooperating to this project.

I was wondering if you guys could open a main menu section called something like Gallery or something like that so people could share their experiments and jobs done with Kdenlive.

Here is my last experiment for a folk south american singer repertoire:

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Kdenlive going UP !

new videos totally done using Kdenlive are been posted on youtube.. open source community is using this great tool more and more wishing it could become a solid stable and real option for video editing and effects compositing.

my last video-collage created using Kdenlive already on youtube:

cheers to all the kdenlive developers !!


News about AVCHD and hardware decoding

Dear friends,

Some quick news about AVCHD and hardware decoding:



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