Development-specific news about Kdenlive/MLT and the related libraries used in the project

HDV support

Hi everyone.

A quick note to tell you that I ported Kdenlive to the new MLT profiles system. It means that to use Kdenlive svn version you now need the latest MLT svn, or it won't start at all.

I hope there won't be too much side effects, there might be some problems with aspect ratio, images or titles having weird size, please let me know if you find bugs.

The big plus is that we now have full HDV support in Kdenlive, as well as many other standard formats.
I still plan to release 0.5 as soon as we are sure that the new profiles system works fine in Kdenlive.


Release date for 0.5

Please post an aproximate date (time of year) for the release of 0.5 and any informations about it in this topic.



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