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Please help us redesign the new render dialog/workflow

The current render dialog (please click thumbnail for full size view) has some issues. Actually a few, among them:

- many users are confused about the project/render profiles (which are not the same)
- it exposes too many options for some, too few for others
- there is no easy way to indicate dual-pass (and, actually no support for it currently).
- audio and video encoding is mixed - perhaps it is better to split them
- currently no "make dvd project" options.
- lots of other issues

The developers of Kdenlive are dedicated to provide a powerfull, flexible, yet easy to use NLE. We realize that the render process is an important step in every projects lifetime, and that the current render dialog does not provide the features, nor the usuability experience we aim form. In designing a new render dialog, we seek the help of the community.

Interpolation of zoom and rotation effects

Hello everyone

I was wondering, what kind of interpolation kdenlive is using when effects like rotation or zoom are employed ?

I ask that because the result of these effects seems very blurry, like the result of a bilinear filter. And when I extract one frame of my video and rotate it using a bicubic filter, the result is way more sharp. It makes a great difference between sequence with and without rotation or zoom (very visible to the naked eye and no need to press stop and examine the frame).

Long Films Features

I'm new to this forum but it makes a long time I use Kdenlive and follow its changes - and do experience it with pleasure.
As I'm a Linux user and open-source fanatic, I made all my video edit on K, most currently long videos - up to 1 hour. In my opinion, some feature are missing for long films editing, making it hazardous and painful. These are ideas that came to me while working:

> The Sequence feature.

Timeline rulers more explicit frame delimiters

When I zoom in enough to see frame delimiters on the ruler - per frame navigation become a little bit uncomfortable.
This is because I can not see clear seconds delimiters - all delimiters per seconds and frames are the same color and size.

Maybe you just will add gray arrows between seconds on big zomming.

See example http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/rulerssuggest.png/

Professional features

Hi. As I wrote in my recent post I'm a professional video editor who know very well AVID, FCP and Premiere.
I'm very interested in opensource world so I decided to give my contribution to the Kdenlive project which seems can to reach soon professional standards.
So I used Kdenlive for some weeks and I made a list of missing features that professionals always use and how to work around before these are implemented.
I hope you'll appreciate these suggestions and I remember you I'm italian so I hope you can understand my english.

1. Audio mixer panel: as I already wrote this is a very usefull tool for have a volume control for whole tracks, for using effects on the track and not on the single clip and for using bus features. Anyway the mixing way on the timeline even if very slower to use and less productive it already works well.

2. Trinmming window and advanced trimming features. Generally professionals use 4 ways for trimming, rolling, ripple, slip and slide.

Audio mixer panel

Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I'm italian and I hope you can understand my english. :)
I'm a professional video editor from more than 15 years. I worked mostly on Avid, Premiere and FCP.
I'm following your project from long time and I'm very impressed for this last year releases .
I think that Kdenlive could be really become a professional piece of software in the next future.
The greatest lack there was in the audio features but after you enabled the audio scrubbing feature Kdenlive now is more close to a professional users.

Activate, deactivate tracks on timeline

Hi all, I was looking for a way to lock a audio clip on a track I thought already exist that feature... somthing like RMB "lock clip" or so. Instead of that it would be useful a way to activate deactivate a whole track. Let say a button on track's header o a little menu on RMB with "activate all tracks" "activate this track" and "activate this track but all others" or something like that.
I think this can speed up our editions, at the moment I find a little difficult to move lots of video clips letting an audio track on its place.
Regards :D

Gamepad as input device for shortkeys

I think this could be easy to implement and useful too. I know it's possible to remap shortkeys to any key you want and Im just comfortable working with a hand in the keyboard, but I find myself losing time searching for keys that are sepparated in the keyboard. i think it would be great to hace a hand at the pad and to can go forward and backward with the stick ang quickly cut a clip with a button stroke instead of tip tip tip lest or right keys at keyboard and then select clip and then shift-R...
I think averybody can configure their custom set of tools.

Removing frustrating effects from timeline!

Hello everyone.

Kdenlive team has a good developers. But if a good developer trying to be a designer - many bad things may happend.

I think that it will be much better to remove so called UI improvements from timeline, like shadow and rounded corners. Because this effects brings only distraction from real work.

In previous versions I can clearly determine on what frame my clip is started and clip transitions looks more pretty.

Now shadow under clip in timelene looks like a mud. Also transition square border ends before background.

Clip selection is now gray - it is almost not visible, green color was more explicit.

It was cool, and now is awful. Do not try to follow mac or win 7 design concepts (by the way in metro ui/Modern UI is no shadows, gradients and rounded corners).

Please return old timeline view.


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