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probleme synchronisation

Bonjour, il m'est impossible de synchroniser la video et la bande son corrigée encodée en mp3 ou en wave depuis que je suis passée en mageia 3 kdenlive 0.9.6. En éditant d'anciens projets terminés qui fonctionnaient : même problème. Configuration kdenlive ok. Même problème, Pc de bureau ou pc portable. Merci de votre aide.


Urgent! Aliasing on preview and blur on render makes project unusable (crosspost from bug tracker)

I've posted a bug report (http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=3123) but in case anyone in the forums can help out, I need some advice!
All files in my project show in the timeline with severe aliasing/jagged edges - this occurs with clips under .PNG titles (like the one pictured) and also on clips alone, with no effects.
When I render sections of the timeline, video is blurred, titles are extremely blocky and incorrectly scaled.
The project was fine for two days of editing, both preview and export worked normally (strange title distortion notwithstanding - thaough that's another bug for another bug report!) but when I started color grading, all of my clips in the timeline became jagged/aliased. Clips when viewed in the clip monitor are fine (see pic)
I didn't knowlingly change anything, though I removed some proxy clips around the time everything went wrong.


sync slip - how do I stop this from happening?

One of the most common problems I encounter is finding that a single track has slipped a few frames or seconds out of sync with the others. I think this happens when I use the spacer tool (shortcut = T) to move all the clips in the timeline on the right the of cursor.
Is there something I'm doing wrong in my use of the spacer tool? does it sometimes select one track but not the others?
how is it even possible for grouped clips to be pulled out of sync?


Problemas ao adicionar Clipe em MP3 (crash by adding MP3 clip)

Quando tento adicionar um clipe de áudio um arquivo em MP3 à árvore do Projeto, ele retorna uma mensagem de erro dizendo que o "clipe é inválido e será removido do projeto". Já procurei outros topicos aqui e não consegui nenhuma resposta possível para o meu problema.
Alguém pode me ajudar?

Estou usando Kdenlive 0.9.6 num Debian Wheezy 7.0.

- - -


Consistent crashes with importing .txt files.

Found this while importing a folder with a script/shell text file in it. I've pinned down the following consistent reproducable crashes:

Make a file test.txt with in it:

for f in *.mov; do ffmpeg -

In Project Tree do 'Clip Add', choose test.txt

'Undo' now causes Kdenlive to crash

Make a file test.txt with in it:

for f in *.mov; do ffmpeg -1

In Project Tree do 'Clip Add', choose test.txt

Kdenlive now crashes immediately


Clip locked on "track 0"

Hi, I accidentally dropped a audio clip bellow the "audio 2" track. I it can be selected, doesn't play and can't be deleted, moved or cropped.
Kdenlive says "Error deleting clip on track 0"


Can not install kdenlive

So i had kdenlive installed on ubuntu 13.04 with Experimental PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-svn && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive

today ubuntu told me about partial upgrade and the caus of it was libmlt5. so I did the update and it deleted libmlt5 and installed libmlt6 but it deleted kdenlive.

I am trying to install kdenlive with the same software source but this is what I get


Proj. Clips get 100% longer with added blank half

I've hit a really bad problem. Lots of my clips (happen to be h264) that I loaded to a project, made proxies for, sorted into folders, and made sub-clips for, suddenly get longer than real length, by 100%, with the added length blank.

I think it happens when a project is reloaded.

The clips are usable, but all the sub-clips get thrown off completely. It's bad bad news after spending hours making sub-clips before building on the timeline.

Any one saw this happen? z:s



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