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kdenlive is looking for contributors

Dear Friends,

Kdenlive is constantly looking for contributors:

  • Developers.
  • Translators.
  • Documentation writers.
  • Tutorial makers.
  • Bug reporters.


Check our contributor guide for more information:

If you need more information, I will add it to the contributor manual.

To register, please answer this post and I will add the appropriate rights to your profile.

how can i start??

hi all i am a new born baby on this kdenlive world. I have no previous expereience on video editing. so i want to start this journy with kdenlive, for that i want qulity ful video tutorials from beginner to avanced. so i hope you are all will help by giving advice.
thank you

Website info


As you have probably noticed, the website was recently upgraded because we were experiencing issues with the server.

Some parts of the website are currently not working, we will try to restore everything when time permits.

In the near future, we are going to move the forums to KDE's infrastructure, which will provide us a better service and less management worries.

Later (before releasing the beta 1.0 versions of Kdenlive), we will probably also move to KDE's bugtracker.

Thanks for your patience.

White Balance Tools & Advice?


I need some advice. I'm doing a two camera interview shoot. Both cameras are identical -- Sony Vixia HF21. I've already shot a few interviews with the cameras, thinking that since both cameras are identical make and model, my color balance would be accurate.


I set both to the same TUNGSTEN setting, but one camera produced a slightly more red coloration than the other.


So I have a few questions.

Thank you developers

Since most of the time we write in forums just to talk about what doesn't work, I wanted to make an exception and say that I'm happy with Kdenlive :)

The current version is completely stable for me. Not a single crash. I was happy to discover that now I can edit grouped audio and video tracks as they were one (including resize item start and end, which did not work before), so I no longer need to merge audio and video files out of Kdenlive.

So far I've edited 126 video tutorials which have over 200.000 views. People from all continents said thanks, and I thank you.

parametrer les proxys dans Kdenlive

Bonjour à tous,

J'utilise Kdenlive depuis trois mois notamment dans un cadre pédagogique avec des élèves de l'élémentaire jusqu'au lycée.
J'aurai une question:

- comment parametrer au mieux les proxy afin d'avoir tout de même une image correct et pas trop dégradé empêchant d'être fin dans le montage

En vous remerciant,


Audio/Video Sync Drift in v0.9.6 and v0.9.7 Daily Build

I've been struggling over the last several days to put together a 50 minute-long video with a fair number of cuts in it. Within the editor, the sound is reasonably in sync with the video at all points throughout the sequence. However, after I've compiled the final H.264 file, the sound drifts over the length of the video -- it starts out perfectly in sync, but by the end is about a half-second too early.

I had this problem with Kdenlive 0.9.6 release with MLT 0.9.0. Thinking I had a poor combo of media libs, the other night I installed and ran a daily build. Same problem.


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