Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

Effects not applying

(I'm totally new to video editing so sorry if this is a dumb question)

I'm just trying out effects and the effects stack says they're on the clip, but the video doesn't change at all. I got the mirror one to work for a second but when I changed it, none of them worked anymore, including when I put mirror back on.

Composite transition - opacity

Hi folks,

I am trying to create a text effect with flipping letters like in the beginning of that

Thanks to sunab I now know how to create this with kdenlive (

I now have a lot (~40) of video tracks (for each flipping letter one track) with transition composite (alpha channel = over) and
it seems to work.

But: As more tracks I use the first created letters in the rendered video get darker and darker until they are completely hidden. So it seems
for me that the composite transition does not use 100% opacity (even if this is of course selected).

Or do I miss some settings?

My kdenlive project file:
The rendered video with the hiding letters:

Video shakes

Hello I'm new in kdenlive but I have used many times Sony Vegas to do my home videos without problems.
I'm putting photos in the timeline and adding a composite transition and then I change the size of the clip (first it's 100% and in the end of the clip 150%).
So all its right but when I play de result the video shakes while playing. I have rendered the video and it shakes too.
I'm usin version and linux mint.
Someone knows where is the problem?
Many thanks.

Fade to black

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I seem to be having a problem with Kdenlive 0.9.3. I add the fade to black effect to a clip but it doesn't show in the preview window, or final render.

Has something changed? How do I resolve this?

Transition "with track" issue

I'm new to kdenlive and really like what I see so far, however I can not figure out how to make the "with track" option on any type of Transition work as expected.

It seems that no matter what I set the "with track" option to, the only track it works with is the adjacent track. It works fine with the "auto" setting for merging with the next track, however setting it from "track 1" to "track 3" or "track 4" or even "black" does not seem to do anything. It just shows me the screen related to the next track (as if the Transition was still set to auto)

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Adding text on video

I'm using Ubuntu 12.4 LTS and Kdenlive 4.8.3. I was wondering how to add text over video. I'm in the middle of this project and all I have left is to put names to identify who's talking on the bottom corner of clips. This project is due in a couple of days, so I would appreciate any type of help. Thanks!

Cut frames

when I use cut frame tool in timeline Kdenlive duplicate the frame. What Im doing wrong?

Video noise reduction plugin

How to remove video noise from clips with Kdenlive?


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