Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

Title Questions (Copy Clips, Animation etc.)

hi, i'm new to this forum, hope, it's the right sub-board!

i try to make a kind of presentation (as an element of a whole video), where an image and a text slides in, then disappears and the next one enters.

Create a custom wipe file

If I want to create a custom wipe file, do I really need to
cp that-file.pgm ~/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/lumas/that-file.pgm

Finding a non-used key colour for "Blue screen" effect

I have a problem finding a non-used colour for the blue screen effect. My overlay scene contains many different high-saturated colours.

a whole text as video (automatic title generator?)

Hi everyone.

This is not exactly about video effects and transitions, but I haven't found a more adequate place to place my request.

I'm actually looking for a functionality in Kdenlive that would allow me to generate automatically a whole text (8 pages) to multiple titles. I would like to in fact turn a MP3 (a 1h speech) and its transcription to a video.

Thanks for your help !


Hi! guys,

Somebody knows how I revese one video in Kdenlive?

(I know the button "J" play video revese, now I want something that exporte video reverse)

Somebody knows ???

Synching video tracks

For ease of use, I record audio on a video camera, while getting a better screen capture using a different system.

On the other video editing systems I use, I simply make the top track transparent so it becomes easy to see the action on both and sync it up; automatically getting the audio in sync with the capture footage.

After doing some searching, I can't find out how to do this in Kdenlive.

Can someone advise me of the best way to do this in kdenlive please?

Many thanks,


scaling and zooming algorithms?

i'm running 0.8.3.

i'm wondering what type(s) of scaling kdenlive uses? normally if i zoom-in i'd want some fancy scaling algorithm to "fill in the blanks" and make the zoomed-in video look good (sometimes this means sharp, other times it means smooth). but i'm planning to do some camera comparison videos and i want the zoomed-in footage to be just zoomed in without any type of optimization.

can anyone tell me how kdenlive handles this? are there options that affect it?


How do I add horizontal scrolling pictures to project.

A section of my current project will have a still image using the full screen, while a stream of smaller pictures, large enough to make out, scroll horizontally across the bottom layer. Which effects should I use for this effect? The scrolling images would have a short gap between them. I'm pretty sure the slide transition will not do what I want.

Insert clip into another (using corners)

Hi all,
just sharing on what I did when put my clip into another ...
I'm using DISTORT - CORNERS effects...

Setting Clip Length to 1 Frame


when I try to set a clip length to 1 frame the length switches back to default 5 sec.... The shortest clip I could configure was 2 frames.
Is there any possibility to set it to 1 frame?

Thanks and regards



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