Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive


How to make the transition between clips - like a white flash?

RGB parade & lag when showing values?

Hi! I have applied Levels effect to whole track, but RGB parade shows different values when playing than when I Stop video. On play values max can jump and show 240 but when I stop It shows 233 everywhere which I have set with the Levels effect. Which one is the right value? Play or Stop?

Help With Color Correction

Using 0.9.5. Trying to fit colors inside 75% box broadcast safe colors. In vectorscope I see a lot of points spilling over the box and I cannot get them inside. Is there any particular order to put colors right? I have tried with SOP/Sat and Levels, but no success. Sometimes I am close to get them inside box, but colors are very dark then?

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Again: Reverse clip (and speed effect)

I still don't really understand why the otherwise so full-featured kdenlive does not allow to reverse a clip (play it backwards), especially because MLT includes such a feature.
Maybe the reason is, that combining reverse with the speed effect does not seem to work.

As a workaround for the missing reverse effect, I am creating a .mlt file with something like this:

melt -consumer xml:reversed.mlt

The '?-1' reverses the video and the resulting .mlt file can be used in a kdenlive project just fine.

However, applying the speed effect in the project to such a clip does not seem to work; the clip plays (also after rendering) at the same speed.

So I tried to apply both reverse and speed (i.e. 500%) in the same command:

melt -consumer xml:reversed.mlt

Green screen & alpha gradient


I've used filters "Handling alpha channel" of KDEnLive and used a green background to cropping people (presenters of JT).
However, I would like now to embed videos like this:

Glass Breaking Effect?

Is there an effect that manipulates the screen in to an effect like glass breaking and falling apart?

Kdspillm0pup and other effects missing from latest intall in Ubuntu 12.1

I recently posted on trying to compile KDspillm0pup. However, after reading through some posts I believe it should be included in the latest release which I installed a couple of days agon along with the latest release of Ubuntu 12.1.

Kdspillm0pup is missing along with half of the other effects in the misc category. Several effects are also missing in the misc category.
I followed the installation procedure in the followign link.

Help with compiling chromakey overspill plugin


I'm trying to compile plugins from a previous post several years ago for chromakey overspill supresion from Marko. The files are here:

Affine causes very choppy preview playback

I know that previewing videos in realtime with effects is obviously not going to be smooth depending on the affect, but affine is terrible. Most other effects with render on the fly with a little jerking here and there, but affine is bad.

If you are putting tittle clips on and they have affine, if thats there its going to really slow down plaback, is this a bug? i cant imagine rendering a still image should be that taxing during playback. its definatly the affine thats doing it. Remove the affine and it playsback fine. I kow this because i had a title clip with an affine attached to it, but it was a title clip on its on with no other videos/images to attach the affine too, as soon as i removed the affine, it played fine.

Dissolves which i use alot, play pretty smoothly between clips with little jerkyness, even wipes playback surprisingly well.


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