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Title animation: speed options?


My goal is to use a graphical element, which has to move into the screen, hanging there for a while and moving out fluently.

I designed a title (svg) and with the animation settings of the clip properties it moves in and out of the screen correctly. But is there a way to speed up this animation? Adjusting de 'duration' won't. And how can I realize the element will stay still for a moment (halfway its animation)?

Pan and Zoom first record

Could I suggest to have the default record with centre point be the default record and it might or might not act as the first record of the clip on the effect's time-line. The reason being is that if I need to start the zooming of a clip at the beginning and changed the default x,y and zooming factor on the first record, the centre point is lost, and I lost the centre referenced point. There are two ways out of this.

Project view not properly showing translated and resized clip

Somewhere deep in kdenlive's pipeline there seems to be an ugly bug which causes kdenlive to not properly apply its effects and transitions after some editing. For curiosity, a restart usually helps, but often then I still need to select another clip first, move forth and back and only then kdenlive seems to resync. And then looses soon again.

On my timeline I basically have to clips with a set of effects attached. And the upper clip is composed to the outcome of the lower clip effects.

I've basically a translate and resize effect put on a clip, followed by some color correction and finally translate, resize, and crop. The reason to do this way is that I'm using the first trans&resize effect for manual deshaking and view selection, while the final trans&resize&crop is to place the outcome into only some part of the final render view.

The second clip has basically the same set of effects.

Urgent: Mono to stereo effect not working - Dan Dennedy

Hello all,

Greetings from West-Africa.

I love working with KDenlive on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the program has gotten so much better / advanced in the last years.

Right now, I am doing the fine tuning of a music project and wanted to use the "mono to stereo" effect from Dan Dennedy I used before to 'turn' my mono audio into stereo. I am currently using KDenlive btw.

When trying to manipulate the default setting to the right ones for my project it every time jumps back to the default numbers below: ?!
To: 1
To: 1
From: 0
Swap: 0

speed effect causes corrupted frames

I'm using the most recent sunab-svn versions of kdenlive and mlt on Kubuntu 12.10, x86-64.

When I apply the speed effect to a clip and set the speed to 200% I observe corrupted frames. For instance, there are black regions or even color noise regions ... which look a lot like memory corruption.

In addition, the new length of a clip is not consistent with project preview, single frame stepping, and rendering. For instance, when playing the clip, the duration as calculated by kdenlive is to long and in consequence, the final game gets repeated several times.

Speed up or slow down parts of clip?

Is this possible?

All of you might have seen video clips running in a specified frame rate and suddenly when something cool happens (a good face punch if a fight for example) suddenly it slows down or speeds up for a certain amount of time and then it's back to normal.

Can I achieve this with kdenlive?

An example video using this technique a lot:

Title clip positioning problems.

When i try to add a title clip the text position is not saved, the text ends up in the top left corner no matter what i enter for the X and Y position.

The title is in the right position in the editor but as soon as i click OK the text ends up in the top left. If i enter the title clip editor again by double clicking the title clip all the text is in the upper left. If i enter multiple text boxes in the same title clip they all end up on top of each other in the top left corner.

"pan and zoom" crops my clip at 100% after profile change [solved]

i'm working with a "pan and zoom" effect on a 1080p (i.e. 1920x1080) clip
i had my profile set to 1440x1080 at first, causing two black bands at the side of my project (or rather of the clip)
now i fixed my profile to 1080p, but even when my 'pan and zoom' keyframes are set to 100% and centered for x and y, the clip is offset
to the left, and is only partially visible. I've tried to tinker with it (mostly setting the width back to 1920px manually), but I can't get it right.

How to insert small time counter in video?

I would like to insert some small rectangle with time counter in some corner in my video. How to do that most simple?

It could be possible to do SVG image for every number. But quite hard to work with so many SVG images.

Also there is something like mlt XML format
<producer in="0" mlt_service="pango" out="15" text="00:01" font="48px"/>
<producer in="0" mlt_service="pango" out="15" text="00:02" font="48px"/>
<producer in="0" mlt_service="pango" out="15" text="00:03" font="48px"/>
<producer in="0" mlt_service="pango" out="15" text="00:04" font="48px"/>

Motion Detection in Kdenlive 0.9.4

(Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian)
I just installed the new Kdenlive 0.9.4 and MLT 0.8.8
I'm looking for motion traking / face traking but there isn't between the effects.

I plan to make a montage like this:

What should I need to do?

Thanks a lot!


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