Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

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collage of small films to one [solved]

I have many old clips with low resolution, I'd like to make a "video-collage" with it (to imagine look here:
Is this possible with several tracks or do you have any other idea?

"Enhancement" is missing

For some reason, there isn't any effect of the type "Enhancement" on my Kdenlive.
Does anybody know what the problem can be?

Crop top and right side of 1280x720@59.97 footage

For some reason when recording from my HD PVR (component connection from Xbox 360) there are tiny little black lines at the top and on the right side of the footage. I am sure of a way to fix this issue as the xbox 360 is already set at 720p output and the default record settings for the HD PVR are already 1280x720. So what I have been doing is running it thru avidemux and using the crop filter to remove the black lines from the top and the right. It ends up being 1272x712 BUT at least the bars are gone. I have tried the crop effect in kdenlive but it just ends up rendering the black crop bars in my final footage. Is it maybe because I failed to rescale during render to 1272x712 or what selection would I chose when I render?

convert DVD to mp4 for Nook HD, but no lucky

I was trying to load files from a DVD to convert to .mp4 files for NOOK HD, but received the following error message after transferring: "This file cannot be played on the tablet”. What am I doing wrong?

Composite + Pan & Zoom = trouble

I created a clip with kdenlive consisting of a poem's text scrolling vertically over a background video. The text is in a PNG image with transparent background which I created in the GIMP.

However, it wasn't that easy to get it to work because I started out with a pan & zoom effect on the PNG ... it is the same width as the video, but much higher because it scrolls from top to bottom over the length of the video, so it needed scaling and centering. When I got that set up, I added the background video clip to the second video track and added a Composite transition to the PNG image.

What happened next is puzzling to me. The text was shifted to the left, partly cut off at the left edge, and the right half of the screen showed only the background video. Then I tried resizing and centering it in the transition editor, but it got way too big. It seems that the scaling factors were interpreted cumulatively.

Improve quality appearnce of a video?

What effect would you recommend to apply to a video to better the appearance of it? What I mean by that is I'd like to make my videos look closer to HD even though I'm just using standard mp4 videos.

Any suggestions?

removing color noise from protune footage (HD Hero3)

Has anybody experience in removing the color noise from the so-called Protune "raw" footage? I'm using a Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition for filming under water. I'm switching protune on, and White Balance off. the resulting H.263 footage has a nonlinear RGB compression, which is easy to correct. But what is causing me problems is the color noise, with Protune off the camera itself does a decent job of denoising. I'm struggling with Kdenlive's deuoise effect, but can't get any satisfying results. Either the image gets blurred or the noise is clearly visible.

Selectively apply Mirror Effect?

Can the Mirror effect be selectively applied to a video clip?

If so, how?

I can't figure it out.


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