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Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

Scaling filter effect

I am very happy with KDEnlive (especially with the improved stabilty)

I just wanted to point out a filter which could use some improvement.

The scaling filter

Thank you


motion tracking - how

jbm's blog on ver 0.9.3 mentions "Improved motion tracking: Kdenlive can also now analyse an object's motion, and the result of this can be used as keyframes for a transition or an effect. For example, you can now have a title clip that follows an object"

Hey, How do you use this feature?

(SOLVED) I'm not longer able to see effects on the clip monitor

I've been using KDenlive off and on for about two years now and I'm having a new problem. When I add an effect,(greyscale, noise reduction,ect)it used to show up on the clip monitor that I would then use to adjust the effect. Now the effect doesn't show on the clip monitor.The monitor just shows the video clip as if nothing has been added. When I render the clip, it renders the clip with the effect.

How can I get a similar Title effect

Hi all

Please have a look at the beginning of this video :

How can I get a similar effect for my titles ? Can I do this with kdenlive ?



Issue with crop effect

So, I've been trying to create a countdown video using 0.9.2. On layer Video 3 I plan to have a background video, then have an imported project on Video 2 that has an empty .png (1920x1080) with the dynamic text effect displaying the timecode. I want the timecode to display in the mm:ss format, so I thought I could use the crop effect to trim off the frames, hours, and minute segnments of the timecode, then just scale and pan it to where I want.

The problem comes when I try to use the crop effect (by Dan Dennedy). I made a desktop video of the issue, which you can watch here: (the specific details of the issue are in the details below the video).

KDEnlive FX and proxies

Is KDEnlive currently not capable of applying FX to proxy clips?

I'm running a recent svn build (GMaq's latest svn package under his AV Linux 6) on my now quite old laptop, a 2Ghz core 2 duo w/ 4GB RAM. Despite its less than impressive CPU, I was still hoping I may get away with editing some 1080 mp4 footage and applying some VFX with KDEnlive thanks to its support for proxies although after having tried it I get the impression proxies don't work with effects yet?

It would seem effects can only be applied to the original clips because although proxy clips play fine once rendered, project playback slows to 0.5 fps or so as soon as I apply any effect. I would've expected a machine like mine would struggle applying VFX to 1080 res clips in realtime but I also expect it'd have no probs applying most of the KDEnlives VFX in RT to the 480x270 res MPEG proxy files and hence give a decent project preview framerate.

Cloning? Rotoscope?

The video of the fellow with 3 of himself in one video was fascinating.

I saw another video of fellow describing Rotoscope and I was successful in making a really crude version of something created with Rotoscope.

But, I'd like to know know exactly how to create the same cloning effect.

Edit countdown parameters?

I'm trying to create a countdown video similar to this ( with the time format "mm:ss". I found the countdown generator by going to Project>Generators>Countdown, but the video only seems to countdown in seconds, not minutes, and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit it when I double-click on the file in the project tree.

Not possible to composite to all video tracks below?

I have a Kdenlive project with about 5 video tracks. On the topmost track, Video 1, I have a copyright notice that I want to be always present throughout the whole video. It's just a PNG image with alpha transparency, and it contains some text in the bottom right corner.

The problem is that it seems that in the Composite dialog, I have to specify which track it combines with. This means that if that track has nothing in it, or if one of the other tracks is what is showing, then the topmost copyright image disappears. In some cases, the topmost image turns pure white and blocks out all other images. If I select "Auto" it always combines with the second video track, Video 2, so that doesn't help.

It's kind of hard to describe how it doesn't work, so maybe it's easier to describe what I want:


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