Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

DV-Cam Video Capturing: Difference between recording formats (DV RAW / DV AVI Type 1 / DV AVI Type 2 / HDV)

I'd like to know the difference between the recording formats in KDENLIVE - Firewire Tab:
b) DV AVI Type 1
c) DV AVI Type 2
d) HDV

Could you please give me a hint? - What is the best capturing format?

Distinguish Area

I shot a bird in my backyard. As it flies from tree to tree it becomes difficult to see it because the background is only vegetation. I'd like to "enhance" the bird by making it "brighter" against the background, i.e. by turning the surrounding area "darker". For example, when a TV shots a police chase, the vehicle being followed becomes distinguished (or "brighter") from the others (that become "darker"). Is this possible in Kdenlive? What's the technical term that defines this effect?

Fade from blue?

I want to "fade in from blue" and not black.

First I'll create a title clip with the video's name/title on it and then I went the title clip to fade in....from blue (not black).

How do I do it?

Pan & Zoom of (large) still images


I'm currently experimenting with P&Z of large (Panorama) Images. One issue there is that small features (distant trees, pebbles etc.) produce an annoying flicker when moving the FOV. I found an old post that suggested some blur, and especially to apply it before the panning. I had tried (normal) blur after the pan, which also seems to work. I noticed that applying the blur before is darn slow... The thing is, I don't really understand where this comes from. In principle I should have one image, and from that I cut out different parts. But then there should be no flicker - the pixel values should always be the same for a feature. So obviously the image is rescaled anew for every single frame, and seemingly with different parameters

Nevertheless, some questions: How are you doing this (if at all)? Is there a common sense how to properly get rid of this flicker?

new effect stack menu item - "create region" - use?

So I just noticed that in ver 0.9.3 there is a new menu item available from the effects in the effect stack - "create region" This is in addition to the Reset Effect, Create Group and Save Effect options that are part of 0.9.2

See screen shot

Change "background" color from Black to Blue

I'm a rather new user of Kdenlive.

I want to change the color between 2 clips from black to blue (or any other color for that matter).

How do I do it?

Composite colouring the video?

I have come across something that I'm at a loss to understand whether it is my inexperience or a bug.

When layering video clips with composite transitions I found that the composite transition was colouring the video ever so slightly green.

Fade in colors are not smooth!

How to fix this color bug in fade in effect?

And why I can't get libx264 in kdenlive? I have instaled x624, libx and dev fildes, and reinstalled kdenlife, run configure wizard but can't get h264 working!
What's wrong? :(

hope to fix this!

Pan Zoom preview does not match render - See screenshot vid

I am trying to do a simple pan and zoom on a still picture (jpg). I have the pan zoom effect setup how I want it, and when I play it in Kdenlive, it looks great. I then render the project, and the pan zoom is something totally different! I am using Kdenlive version 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 with all installed packages up to date.

The P/Z effect is somewhat confusing for me to figure out, and now even more so because the render does not match the preview within Kdenlive!

Watch to see what I'm talking about.

Overlaying a Photo... and a video...

I am a very new user of Kdenlive, but my searching and googling hasn't come up with this likely-simple answer.

I am publishing a life history of a friend of my family. I have a camera on him, and I want to display photos, while he is still talking... a photo overlay of a video - simple I know. I can't get it to work - unless you have to render your video before you can see the effects work...

Can I also show a box in the corner of of the main screen, displaying other videos, overlayed on the first video. I have seem some examples, but not the method. Please show me how!


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