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Rotate (keyframable) crashing constantly

My system is running Kdenlive 0.9.2 with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Dell 1420 Inspiron laptop.

I have a rather large JPEG still image (4016x2690) with which I am trying to create a spin animation over several seconds with accelerated rotation in the X axis. Every 5 frames I am adding an increment which is larger by 2 each time, i.e.:

keyframe | Rotate X (Y and Z are always 0 as are the offsets)
00:00:00:00 | 0
00:00:02:00 | 0 (start rotation here...)
00:00:02:05 | 20
00:00:02:10 | 42
00:00:02:15 | 66
00:00:02:20 | 92
00:00:03:00 | 120

etc. (project is HD 1080p 25fps).

After I have added several keyframes like this, Kdenlive will freeze for several seconds and then crash. Always! When I reopen the project in Kdenlive and click Yes to recover auto-saved files, I find that several rotation values are off by 1, whereas they should all be even numbers.

How to use the new motion tracking in kdenlive?

I've installed the latest updates from sunab's kdenlive-svn ppa. As I've read in j-b-m's blog that there is now a new motion tracker feature included I would like to know how to access and use it. I have to admit that while looking around, so far I was unable to find out where it is hidden and how to access it. From the blog entry I could not deduce how to use it... :(

Any help?


Aurasma and transparency

I want to make my own Auras for the mobile app Aurasma. I use chroma with kdenlive, but in this case, I only need one green clip, and I want to make transparent the green part of the clip. I don't want to mixture two clips, I only want a video with one clip with a transparent background.



Beginners' Guide-Import Sony VG30 1080 50p/60p MTS to FCP 6/7, FCP X, FCE for editing

Beginners' Guide-Import Sony VG30 1080 50p/60p MTS to FCP 6/7, FCP X, FCE for editing

Summary: In this tutorial, we intend to elaborate how to enable Final Cut Pro (FCP 6/FCP7/FCPX/FCE) to work with AVCHD 1080 50p/60p MTS clips taken by a Sony NEX-VG30.

Sony has announced the NEX-VG30 interchangeable lens camcorder. The NEX-VG30 camcorder features the same sensor format that Sony builds into its standard size DSLR cameras. With approximately 19.5 times the surface area of conventional camcorder sensors, the 16.1MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor makes capturing high-quality, cinematic video with a shallow depth of field a breeze.

Whatever your genre, whatever your shooting style, take your moviemaking to the next level with the Sony NEX-VG30 interchangeable lens HD camcorder and lens.

Stretch source 480p to 720p?

I have avi type 2 files created either with kdenlive or kino from a firewire capture device called a Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge. It captures at 720x480 but is there a way to stretch it so it matches my project settings of 1280x720? Is there some video effect I can apply that would do that?

Rotate video 360 degrees

I would like to take a video of a symbol I have and have it rotate around clockwise 360 degrees.

I have looked in the rotate/sheer settings and I see keyframeable rotation available. I set my keyframes (one at beginning of video, One at end) and set the x rotation to max (1800) and it only rotates 180 degrees. So, Im doing something pretty wrong here. I have looked thru the sparse documentation and have found nothing on this. I guess I dont understand. Would be nice to know how to do this???

How to Convert MTS to MKV with MTS to MKV Converter ?

Why Convert MTS to Matroska Video (.MKV)?
My sony camcorder outputs to .Mts but i would prefer to change them into HD video such as Matroska Video-. MKV file keeping orginal quality. And own MTS to MKV Converter, you can fastly convert your mts files to Matroska Video (.mkv) with excellent quality! Equipped with advanced High-Definition (HD) video conversion technology, Bros MTS to MKV Converter can easily convert HD video formats such as AVCHD (mts, m2ts), H.264/AVC, MKV, MPEG-2 (ts), DivX, HD WMV, MPEG-4 and QuickTime.

MTS is a new kind of hd video format, common in the sony HD DV recorded video, and users may want to convert mts and play mts format files to play on more media players, this MTS to MKV Converter can be your best assistant to help you conver mts to mkv video format.

Just simple preview click can help you get a file which you want to preview source file and compare with output video, you can also take snapshot at will to store the image you like.

How to convert MXF to iMovie with MXF to iMovie Converter for Mac?

Mac MXF to iMovie Converter - How to convert MXF to iMovie with MXF to iMovie Converter for Mac?

If you have a camcorder which records files are MXF files like Canon XF100, Canon XF 105, Canon XF 305 etc. When you use these camcorders and get some MXF files, for further editing, you want to import MXF to iMovie on Mac. But at this time, you don't know how to import MXF into iMovie for editing.

So converting MXF to iMovie supported video format like MP4, MOV, etc is necessary for you. But how to convert MXF to iMovie on Mac? It is a simple thing. At this time, need a third part software application to help you convert MXF to iMovie on Mac.

How to convert video to other popular video formats?

You have a portable video player and would like to watch your home video using it? You want to enjoy your favorite movie with your iPhone/iPad/iPod or your Smartphone? Or you have to create a DVD for your home DVD player? Or you would like to convert a home video DVD to some other formats and save it on your PC? Any Video Converter Free( enables you to solve these problems quite easily with a few mouse clicks.
How to tutorial
Step 1: Download and install Any Video Converter Free
Click here to download Any Video Converter Free. After the download is finished, run the avc-free.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions.
Step 2: Run Any Video Converter Free and select your input video file
To select a video you would like to convert, hit the Add Video Files button on the top left corner. In the opened Windows Explorer Window, browse for the necessary video file(s).

How do I split the viedo screen into three segments?

Hello! I,m totally new using Linux and Kdelive, so I aprecciate any help :)
How do I split my video screen into three segments of the same size? The idea is to create a effect like the one used in the video Always by Blink 182. Someone told me to use the "composite" effect but that didn't divide the screen how I wanted it.



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