Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

How to Convert MPG to M4V for iPad ?

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How to convert AVI to AMV free with a AMV Video Converter?

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Images with transparent background?


I am trying KdenLive for the first time, it seems quite nice and I started a project.

In this project I edited a image to get a transparent background (with the grey squares) and exported it to png(tried other formats too).
Then I imported it to the clips (with the transparent background cheked), but when I put it into the timeline on the top track it shows a black background and not the track bellow as I expected (sometimes a white background when I did experiences with gimp).

Anyone knows want I am doing wrong?


Proxy clips not generated!


I am using Kdenlive 0.9.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Hardware is a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop.

My project is using HD 1080p 25 fps clips in MPEG-2 M2T format (video only, no sound) which were generated in Kdenlive from historic WWI-era low-resolution clips and dubbing them with an audio file. The parameters as shown in the Render dialog when creating these clips were as follows:

f=mpegts acodec=mp2 ab=%audiobitrate+'k' ar=48000 vcodec=mpeg2video minrate=0 vb=%bitrate+'k' bf=2 b_strategy=1 trellis=1 aspect=%dar pass=%passes

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How to convert mts to mkv?

MTS is a new kind of hd video format, common in the sony HD DV recorded video, and users may want to convert mts and play mts format files to play on more media players, this MTS to MKV Converter can be your best assistant to help you conver mts to mkv video format.
Just simple preview click can help you get a file which you want to preview source file and compare with output video, you can also take snapshot at will to store the image you like.

Colour grading

I just realized it would be really nice and very useful to have a colour grading effect in Kdenlive. Colour grading is used to automatically get all of the clips in a movie to get the same colour tone.
Don't really know much about the math but in most other applications it works by selecting the darkest and brightest spots in each two clips.

Just thought it would be a really nifty idea.


Titler doesn't seem to work with 'typewriter' and 'blur' effects


I wanted to check this issue on the forum before I reported it as a bug. I'm using various GIT builds of Kdenlive 0.9.3 and I can't seem to get the titling effects to work as I would expect. If I just do static titles then everything works as expected, if I try the 'typewriter' effect then when I import the created title on to the timeline it will only type the first letter, if I go back and open the title dialog again and simply highlight my title and click 'OK' then the typewriter effect displays on the timeline when previewing but then the letters are typed sporadically and often the words are not completely typed in the Rendered project even when the title is plenty long to accomodate the number of letters.

Possible to fix over exposure?

I imported a video from Mini DV tape to iMovie HD on Mac osX (snow leapord) only to find out that some of the faces in the picture were overexposed throughout the 60 minute program. Is it possible to fix or adjust the dv file's exposure with this software so it can be usable? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Project Monitor Slows Down through transitions

Hi there.

I'm still fairly new to editing but as I try to play back my project, the project monitor becomes very slow through transitions - Particularly composite.
The behaviour is identical to, (though that's not my video).


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