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Render causes corrupt files

I have recently made a new installation of both openSUSE 11.4 and 12.1 on two separate computers and have installed kdenlive Version from SUSE's repositories.

I have been using kdenlive on open SUSE 11.4 in the past without any problems, but now find that at the end of the rendering process this error occurs (on both computers):

"Rendering of /home/dick/kdenlive/untitled.mpg aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."


Audio stucking AFTER rendering, ok BEFORE it

Hello all.
First time in the forum. Congratulations for Kdenlive. It's amazing and amazingly lightweight even for an old laptop as mine.

Well, I've just installed the version here (using Lucid 10.04) and I'm trying to edit some videos I shot with my Canon EOS 1100D. They are 1280 x 720, video code 4cc: h 264, aspect ratio 1:1, frame rate 25000 fps frame count 274. For audio: pcm, mono, bitrate 96000, frequency 4800 Hz.

I'm using the proxy editing tool - thanks for that - and it works perfetly fine in 720 25 project. I can see and hear everything well when playing BEFORE rendering. The problem is AFTER rendering: although the image is perfect, the sound stucks (especially near the parts I've made a cut), continuing later until the next stuck.

I've tried everything, from removing the PulseAudio stuff to converting the .MOV files I get from my camera to mkv, from rendering in 720 25 to rendering only 48000 hz .wav. It always happen.

Can anyone help me?


rendering profile for avchd 1080i50


I try to create and share a rendering profile for my camecorder with those recording features : avchd 1080i50 24Mbps (*.MTS file).

I edit my rushes with the HD 1080i 25fps profile despite the fact that Kdenlive ask me to change to HD 1080p 50fps.

For rendering I tried this profile based on HDV profile :
f=mpegts acodec=ac3 ab=384k ar=48000 ac=2 vcodec=libx264 s=1920x1080 vb=24000k mlt_profile=hd_1080i_25

I can play the rendered file with vlc but not with mplayer although I can play *.MTS file with both.

Can you please tell me if I need to add or remove parameters.

I found this profile on Kdenlive website :
1080p25 H.264/ac3 :


Will there come an Update

Will there come an Update to fix the Problems with Rendering?
I mean an Update that is simple to Install with the Package Manager?

Greetings Sven


Rendering is Almost Useless

Kdenlive is a pretty nice editing tool, but I can't get reliable results trying to render in nearly any format. I'm at the point of trying every available format just to see if I can get anything to work.

I have a video with a total length somewhere around 46 minutes, and I am trying to render a 4-minute zone just to see if I can get a usable result. What I get in most formats is a freeze-frame 48 minutes long with no audio, and it takes of course over an hour to render. On the same computer, I can render from OpenShot and PiTiVi with no problem, by the way, and it takes far less time. I would like to use Kdenlive because it has some editing features not available in the other tools.

I am not getting crashes, and the Job Queue happily goes along putting checkmarks next to all my files and telling me rendering is finished for each one.


SOLVED: kdenlive rendering crashed

for some reason my post is triggering a spam filter and i cant submit it but here is the original thread and my fix is below.

fixed this by downgrading as well. changed from the kdenlive-svn to kdenlive-release ppa and did an apt-get update
only downgraded mlt from 0.7.7 to 0.7.6 and rendering started working again


kdenlive wont render to mp4,flash,xvid,H.264

I have recently crashed my xubuntu desktop and had to reload it frum scratch, now I cant render the following formats in kdenlive


color is wrong in the clip viewer and render

hello. I have a poblem not know where to categorize them. the problem of the color eque video clip is incorrect in the clip viewer as to render the video, you can see the image.

I use the graphics driver nouveau and sabayon linux distro . you have if you can give me a help before creating a bug. thanks waiting for answers.


Any Videoformatrendering Crashes

At my Kdenlive
Version 0.8.3
Using KDE Development Platform 4.7.4 (4.7.4) Itried to render a Video but Rendering Crashes.
Iḿ not shure how I can fix this Problem.
Has Anyone an Idea?

Greetings Sven


Any rendering crashes!

Hi everybody, a few days ago I sent a bug report on Mantis usr: grangorge , to report this issue, Kdenlive stopped rendering suddenly, not a single format works. Now the thing is getting stranger.
I was on the way to re-install kubuntu from scratch to a new partition on my drive, and so I did.
After finishing clean install, I installed Kdenlive from source and I got the same effect as old installation on old system, kdenlive can't render to any format, and I've tried them all.

Since I think it's a strange issue and sow that other users have the same problem, I wanted to post it here also.

Again all details in this bug report:

You know, funny thing is that kdenlive works perfectly, just can't render although mlt, ffmpeg and all libraries are up to date.



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