Topics and tips about the output of video from a Kdenlive project

Rendering with resizing and sound

When I render a file with original size sound is ok, but when I resize movie sounds stop to early and it is not synchronized with video.
( maybe it the same problem like: )
I see this problem in webM and h.264 ( not tests other )


incorrect video rendering

I have a problem with new build of kdenlive [0.9.7 (rev. v0.9.6-127-g1dd98a7)] - rendering the destination video (1024x768) with source (1024x768) gives some border around. using the same source (and same project file) within kdenlive 0.9.5 (rev. v0.9.4-116-g3b84694] gives me proper borderless video.
edit: after downgrading, upgrading, manual compiling of components, I cannot reproduce problem. I have screwed up something before (?)


Problem rendering video file.

Hi, I have assembled an edited video file on the timeline, when I try to render it, it always hangs at 99% and will not complete, it is very frustrating as I have tried it seven times now.
I am using Linux Mint on my computer.
Please can anyone help, thanks Geoff.


no video on playback

small H264 (800 & 1000 bit rate) rendered file (while it plays-back on Ubuntu okay, results only in a black screen with audio when accessed on other browsers/platforms).... this used to work perfectly: totally miffed! appreciate suggestions! /:b


Full recording not being rendered

I have a video from a Sony HDR-CX190 that shows as 3:19:04 in kdenlive. The file from the Sony is in .mts format. I choose Raw DV, DV NTSC 4:3 for rendering. The rendered video looks great, but stops at 2:46:00, which is short, missing the last 33 seconds of the recording. Being new to kdenlive, my first question is, why?



Rendering Crash on Ubuntu 12.04!

First of all Kdenlive has been working flawlessly for me since I installed it several months ago, but today when I tried to render my video it crashed! Here's the output from the terminal "melt -version":

Contact me at

rich@UbuntuLinux:~$ melt -version
*** glibc detected *** melt: free(): invalid pointer: 0x00007fbc1b05c808 ***
======= Backtrace: =========


A/V sync problem


Although it does not seem to be a Kdenlive issue, I decided to start here asking for help to track down the exact problem.

== Intro ==
I have a recording of a mounted (B) and handheld camcorder (D) and a seperate audio recording from CD (A). The audio was cut, so that it starts at the same time as the video. The video of the mounted camcorder was processed with filters of ffmpeg (C).

== Problem ==
When working in Kdenlive, the A/V delay (audio lags) between A and B/C increases up to 2.5 secs after 25 mins. Since it is a video of a live performance, it is very noticeable and undesirable. There seems to be no problem with D.

== Oddity ==
The source material is fine. I assume this because of two reasons:
1. The audio track of B and A are exactly in sync when opened in Audacity.
2. MPC-HC is able to resync A and C (by delaying audio or adjusting the play speed of video) most of the time, not A and B, though.

== Technical details ==


Drop frames to speed up / reduce size

Let's say I have a GoPro3, recording at 120fps 720p h.264 to have the option to do slow motion. Most of the time I don't want to. How do I drop 75% of the frames from the portion of the video I want to play normally, and leave in all the frames in the slow motion portion, and render the whole thing to play at 30fps?

The goal is to get a video which plays at normal speed, is nearly 25% the size as the original, but has a chunk that plays at 1/4 speed for slow motion effect.


Rendering size is limited [solved]


When i do the rendering, it automaticly stops at 4.3Go.
I tried to change the type of codecs or the place of rendering, but nothing to do.
Could you help me please ?



How to handle resolutions when no profile exists

Hey guys, I am recording windowed mode of Portal which was just released for Linux. The window I am playing it in is 1200x800 at only 15FPS. I am not sure what other choices I have as far as windowed modes I can use, i guess I should check that next time I open Portal. My entire desktop is 1680x1050 and my computer is not powerful enough to play in fullscreen mode AND record the game in fullscreen mode so I do the windowed mode and just record that window using Kazam screencaster.



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