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no audio codecs - solved

Hi. I am running SUSE 11.4 64 bit. I built mlt 0.7.8 and kdenlive 0.9 from source. However, when I get to render I get the Unsupported audio codec: libmp3lame. When rerun the cofig wizard it tells me that the only available audio codecs are:


The list of video codecs and formats are complete. The audio codecs are installed, and ffmpeg -codecs reports:

ffmpeg version 0.11 Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the FFmpeg developers
built on May 28 2012 23:22:41 with gcc 4.5.1 20101208 [gcc-4_5-branch revision 167585]


Project with title clip renders to zero length

My project fails to render when there is a title clip in it. I stripped the project right down to one title clip[ (made in kdenlive editor) and one avi video clip. Removing the title clip allows the video to render, adding it back causes the renderer to reliably complete almost instantly and the video play then fsails with a message about zero length. My system is ...

kdenlive 0.9 using kde dev platform 4.8.2
melt 0,78
ububtu 12.04 LTS

64bit AMD dual core


Getting an error while rendering.

I just tried to render a project (duration: 22 min) in MPEG-4 with Kdenlive and I got an error:

[mp3 @ 0x88bc940] Invalid size in frame , skipping the rest of tag.
[mp3 @ 0x88bc940] max_analyze_duration reached [mp3 @ 0x88bc940] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[mp3 @ 0x88ce600] Invalid size in frame , skipping the rest of tag.

and then it continues again and again. I also tried in MPEG-2 but I got the same thing. If you could help me, it would be great!


Text effects in KDENLIVE

Can we have text effects in KDENLIVE?

For ex:

When a title clip is composited on top of video, the transition of text is instantaneous. Can we make it smooth by adding any wipe file? I tried changing wipe file of composite transition but it did not work. May be it is intended for different purpose.

Hope I am clear.

Thanks in advance,


Rendering crashes at the end ubuntu 12.04 X64 kdenlive 0.9

First post :) and i should mention i am new to linux so i am not really good at it :( and English is not my first language :( sorry
So i am having problem with rendering files on kdenlive 0.9 when it reaches 100% suddenly rendering crashes


levan@Margo:~$ kdenlive
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa00084a0] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa000bde0] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa000a020] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa023ca60] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa023f080] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa0240300] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa0243e60] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa0244a80] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa0776b80] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa065c300] max_analyze_duration reached
[mpeg @ 0x7fcfa065fee0] max_analyze_duration reached


Solution to the problem of kdenlive rendering with mlt 0.7.8 on Ubuntu 12.04


Sorry for my english.

Searching on forum, I found this topic:

It relates the problem of mlt with aac sound support. I remembered I had already solved problems like this in Ubuntu with the command padsp, which emulates the dsp device (since it no longer exists on Ubuntu).

So I test in Kdenlive, and it worked!

I used this command: padsp kdenlive


Rendering suddenly broken - no video, only audio

Was working perfectly a week ago.

Ubuntu Precise and Kdenlive (melt 0.7.6).

Tried to render a new project today and only audio is rendering. Loaded an older project that rendered fine previously and the same thing is now happening.

My usual rendering format is h.264, but the same thing is happening to all other formats (.avi formats won't render at all and just crash).

Have done nothing out of the ordinary other than install xcfe desktop - would this break rendering? (same issues occurring if I switch back to Unity).


Date/time are lost when rendering to DV format

I'm working from a video in DV format.

Unfortunately, when I render the project to a file (in RAW DV format too), the resulting video has lost the original dates and time. The timecode is initialized to 1970-01-01 00:00:00

This is a problem for me, since I use this data to create subtitles (in .srt format) to be added to the DVD later on.

Is there a way to keep the timecode in the resulting video?


Kdenlive Unsupported audio codec: pcm_s16le, why?

Bye, scuse me for my english

I have the problem with kdenlive, not possible rendering AVI DV because Unsupported audio codec: pcm_s16le

thank you


Trying to render a .mov and keep it under 750 mb

I'm trying to take a 400 MB .mov file from a Kodak Zi8 and import it into Kdenlive in order to add a couple of jpgs as well as a 15 mb audio file into a separate audio track. I first tried to render it to just a plain .mp4 ( but not the H.264 Mp4 format ) It took two hours to render it and the total video is only 20 minutes. Does that sound correct? Since the file from the camera is a .mov should I render it as a H.264 and go thru the process of creating a new profile so the finished product comes out as a .mov too?



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